ABODE Fine Living Interior Designer Returns from Atlanta

By Lynette Carrington

ABODE Fine Living Interior Designer Returns from Atlanta

ABODE Fine Living Interior Designer Returns from Atlanta Market with New Ideas and Inspiration

ABODE Fine Living in North Phoenix is a visual treasure trove of interior design that includes expertly staged vignettes. Perusing through the large store, visitors are greeted with a variety of home design styles such as traditional, coastal, whimsical, Mediterranean, industrial, collected, meditative and refined rustic. There is an entirely creative mix of quality furniture, one-of-a-kind finds, art, décor items, pillows, shelving displays, lighting, sculptures, the occasional antique or vintage item and many other accessories and gifts. One of the interior designers at ABODE, Cindy Kemp, AIID just returned from the Atlanta market and is spilling the creative details about the latest home design trends and market finds.

Going to individual markets is a thrill for Kemp, who is always looking to bring in unique items to ABODE. “At ABODE, there are about five people that buy and we have points of view,” Kemp states. “My goal there was to find wonderful accessories and to find things that I call, ‘emerging markets;’ new designers that haven’t been plastered all over everywhere. I was looking for things with the new ‘wow factor,’ shall we say?”

Like interior design itself, color trends change and Kemp definitely saw evidence of that in Atlanta. She explains, “Next year, we’re going to see more mixed metals, which will be fun, especially here in the desert. Art will have a lot more navy and blues. We’re seeing a lot more black and white, so that’s a fun new treat.”

While in Atlanta, Kemp found items that she was excited to bring back to ABODE. “There are some new hand-blocked pillows that I got really excited about.Erin Flett does hand-blocked pillows and she will be featured in ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ next week,” says Kemp. The Atlanta market also brought some new perspective. “It was really fun; pretty, happy colors in design,” she states. “We’re seeing so much of neutrals for the major things and color is now in art, on the floor and in the pillows. I’m very excited about bringing a lot of that into the store.”

“I’ve been an interior designer about 17 years now,” explains Kemp, who worked in Arizona and in California before returning to the Valley last year. “I had a showroom in Carlsbad, California for three years and then when I came back here, I looked at a lot of the different stores. I like quality pieces and quality products, so being in the business, I know a lot of sources. ABODE had sources that I was used to and could feel good about and I liked that they had the added diversification of looks.”

Kemp particularly loves going out to clients’ homes and working one-on-one with them getting a feel for their home, taking measurements and assisting with interior design vision. “The biggest thing is, as a field designer, to realize that you’re not creating your space, you’re creating their space. So, a lot of what we bring to the table is maybe editing, or scale, or pulling it in together for their budget they want to use and make it really feel like their home, and not a model home,” Kemp says.

In customizing someone’s living space, Kemp is equally skilled at incorporating existing or cherished design pieces of art into a fresh new space. She says, “We might rework them in a different place, but it’s a stamp of who they are and then we want to bring in a fresh direction for them, so they can enjoy it for many years.”

Kemp finishes, “My favorite part is the excitement in design. Catherine Crandall, the owner, Jeff Brown who designs, merchandises and manages, and Susie D’Amato who oversees gifts and accessories - everyone has such a passion for design and excitement. In design, a lot of times you feel so alone. So, it’s fun to keep that enthusiasm going and that ever-evolving direction, and not always knowing where we’re going, but always keeping it fresh and new!”

ABODE Fine Living is located at 5415 E. High Street, Suite 119 in Northeast Phoenix. Call (480) 659-3646 or visit www.abodefineliving.com for additional information.