ABODE Fine Living Offers Unique Home Furnishings

By Lynette Carrington

ABODE Fine Living Offers Unique Home Furnishings

ABODE Fine Living Offers Unique Home Furnishings Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

Your home will always reflect casual elegance at ABODE Fine Living. Come to ABODE to be in style, in touch and inspired! Perhaps more than ever before, a home now reflects the personality, hobbies and loves of the homeowners. The skilled and creative designers and ABODE are ready to help you design your space. Whether you are looking for one special piece or need assistance designing an entire room or rooms, ABODE Fine Living will present you with design ideas and special pieces that you will not find elsewhere.

The beauty of ABODE is that you will discover all types of home décor styles thoughtfully played out in dozens of creative vignettes and displays by designer Jeff Brown. Whether your home style is traditional, whimsical, Mediterranean, industrial, collected, meditative or refined rustic, you will find a fun and entirely creative mix of quality furniture, one of a kind finds, art, décor items, pillows, shelving displays, lighting, sculptures, the occasional antique or vintage item and many other accessories and gifts.

Owner of ABODE Fine Living, Catherine Crandall has had a retail presence in Scottsdale for four years, the last year of which has been in the shops at High Street in North Phoenix. Unique interior design has been a passion of hers since she was young. Crandall explains, “My passion for finding the unusual started at a very early age with my father who took me to a place called The Thieves Market. It was a massive antique warehouse. He would go there and shop for interesting things for our home.” She recalls her father buying a massive coat of arms on glass done in beryl wood frame, Japanese Samurai swords and other unique items. “That really started my love for the hunt for the unusual.”

Crandall also works in the mutual funds business and previously lived in New York City where she spent a lot of time shopping in furniture stores, seeing the different styles and appreciating the finer angles of furniture construction and design. “That was really where my passion continued,” she says. After coming to Arizona, she noticed there were not as many interior design and furniture boutiques and she decided to let her passion flag fly by opening her own store. “We built the store with the premise that we were going to buy things that we loved and work really hard to find things that you couldn’t find in other stores in Scottsdale or Phoenix.”

Where Tuscan décor used to be a nearly exclusive design rage, times have changed. “You’ll hear terms like ‘the authentic home,’ or ‘the collected home,’” says Crandall. “Now, it’s about your life over time and things that matter most to you,” Crandall says. “That’s what we’re trying to represent here, as well.”

Items at ABODE are décor treasures from many places. “We go to as many different markets as we can,” Crandall explains. Markets that they shop include those in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Denver and Chicago, plus they will be shopping regional markets in the near future. “I’ve flown to Houston, rented a truck and driven my way home, ‘picking.’ I’m picking from the pickers – going to their barns, finding interesting items and bringing them back to the store. Some are antiques, some are industrial; it’s kind of a hodgepodge of whatever we find along the way.”

For customers who would like a consultation for interior design, ABODE simplifies the process. “We offer a free two hour, in-home consultation,” Crandall explains. “The personal consultation includes a review of the space, creative concepts, and measurements, and an understanding of colors, aesthetics, design goals, overall feel of the space, and what pieces in the home will stay and what pieces can be replaced.

Primarily, interior design is completed by Jeff Brown and Cindy Kemp. “They are the two lead designers here who are doing the majority of the work,” states Crandall. “When we go to market, we always rotate who is going. It’s not the same two people every time, so you get a flavor for different people’s loves and aesthetics.” Crandall often brainstorms with Brown and Kemp to come up with fun, exciting and innovative design ideas to always have something new for ABODE’s clients.

Essentially, ABODE Fine Living transforms every three months or so. With Brown, Kemp and Crandall always bringing in new furniture, accessories and art, there is always something new and exciting to discover at the store. In a few short months, ABODE will be decked out like a winter wonderland in preparation for the holidays!

Need a gift for someone special? ABODE is lucky to have Susie D’Amato, former owner of Mudpie Boutique in Ahwatukee, as their Head Buyer for Gifts. Susie has been shoping for over 20 years buying gifts for MudPie and now ABODE, which is best known for their selection of distinctive candles, lotions, soaps, wall and desktop signs and many more fun and creative items that make for a personal and thoughtful touch for any birthday, anniversary, wedding, housewarming or other special event.

ABODE Fine Living is located at 5415 E. High Street, Suite 119 in Northeast Phoenix. Call (480) 659-3646 or visitwww.abodefineliving.com for additional information.