Academy Mortgage Corporation North Scottsdale

By Lynette Carrington

Academy Mortgage Corporation North Scottsdale

Academy Mortgage Corporation North Scottsdale Wants to Put You in Your New Home

Mortgage rates are at a historical low! Mortgage companies will compete for your business, but Academy Mortgage Corporation has a 30-year history, the industry know-how and exceptional service to make the home loan process as easy, friendly and as streamlined as possible. Senior Loan Originator, Nate Robinson is proud to work for such a dynamic company that puts all its processes under one roof.

Senior Loan Officer with Academy Mortgage Nate Robinson says, “I started in the business in 1998 at Academy Mortgage at our corporate office in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I’m from. My wife and I moved here to Scottsdale in 2001. At the time, Academy didn’t have much of a presence until 2010, so I was just working for other mortgage companies.” In 2014, he got an opportunity to work for Academy Mortgage in Scottsdale and he loves how it has now come full circle. He says, “The founding owner of Academy Mortgage Duane Shaw, who is still the owner today interviewed me and hired me as a loan processor back in 1998, so it’s ironic that I ended up back here.”

Unlike many mortgage companies, Academy has all its processors, underwriters and closers all under one roof in its North Scottsdale location. “It gives us a lot more control over the process, which is really important these days, in an ever-changing environment and industry with a lot of regulations,” states Robinson, “There are various obstacles that get throw in your way, it makes a difference to be able to sit down with an underwriter physically, versus dealing with someone off-site, somewhere, which is how most companies operate.”

Primarily, the biggest referral source for Academy is REALTORS. “We have tremendous respect within the REALTOR community,” Robinson explains. “Academy Mortgage did more purchase loans than any other mortgage company or bank in the entire Valley last year, per Marketrac-Corelogic.”

Marketing endeavors by Academy are impressive. Those efforts include marketing directly to REALTORS through websites such as Zillow, broker opens, and even a full time marketing representative, Lauren Romero, who has her finger on the latest news and trends in the real estate industry. Romero coordinates and executes special events, educational classes and an engaging and dynamic social media strategy.

Romero adds, “It’s a really big selling point for REALTORS working with us that we have a training room upstairs. We’re always doing classes and events – all sorts of classes that benefit them. We also have a green screen room so they can come and do REALTOR videos with the in-house videographer.” Academy Mortgage also has its own drones to help capture wide scope aerial footage of real estate properties.

Advocating for the Homebuyer

Academy always works to make the loan process as painless as possible. Robinson explains, “We have a consultation with the client to see what their needs are… And then we take a consultant approach and make sure we’re getting them in to the right loan and not just doing another transaction. These are real people making one of the biggest transactions they’ll ever make in their life. We take it very seriously.” With interest rates at historic lows, often people can get into a home for as much as or less than they are paying in rent!

There have been significant changes in qualifying for a home loan since “Mortgage Meltdown” in 2008.There are more documentation and requirements these days when taking out a mortgage. Robinson says, The Arizona Board of Real Estate came out with the pre-qualification form a few years ago to help prevent a seller accepting an offer from a buyer who is really not qualified. This form helps keep lenders a little more accountable because we have to show whether or not we’ve reviewed the buyer credit, income and assets documentation.” Once the pre-qualification is completed, the agent then works with the buyer to find a house.

New regulations came in to play last fall in the form of TRID (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure), wherein the federal government mandated some waiting periods. Even with that, because processing, underwriting and closing are done under one roof, Academy is still able to complete a closing in 30 days, in most cases.

“We do refinances, as well,” adds Robinson. “With the recent drop with interest rates they’re back down to historic lows again, so we have a lot of clients who hadn’t refinanced or who were on the fence that are now taking advantage of it.” Since home values have been rising we have many clients that are combining their first and second mortgages into one new fixed rate loan “We also have more clients than before who are going from a 30-year fixed mortgage to a 15-year fixed. They’re getting a little more conservative and trying to pay off their house in half the time,” says Robinson. “As far as the loan size, we have as little as $50,000 loans up to $5 million so we have a broad spectrum to try and help as many people as possible. We help people who have a credit score as low as 580, as well,” adds Robinson. “Many lenders require a 600-620 credit score.

Robinson continues, “We have a conventional renovation loan that is a really unique product where you can roll the renovation cost into the loan, so it’s almost like a mini construction loan added to your conventional loan, which is a great option for someone who finds a home in a neighborhood they like, but it needs repairs or improvements that they don’t have the money to pay for out of pocket.This program is also available for a current homeowner that wants to do a renovation refinance and doesn’t want to take out a second mortgage or Home Equity Line.

With rents and home prices on the rise and historic low rates, now is the time to consider buying or refinancing a home.

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