Automated Merchant Services Offer merchant processing

By Lynette Carrington

Automated Merchant Services Offer merchant processing

If you haven’t given much thought to the prices that you pay for merchant processing, there is one good reason to look at your statements today. Joe Hidder with Automated Merchant Services is “an honest guy in a not-so-honest industry” whose priority it is to save his customers money and provide an elite level of service that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

Hidder has been in the trenches of the merchant services industry for 12 years and knows exactly how to save his clients money. “Most people have had bad experiences. They’ve been caught in bad contracts and they don’t understand the rates. Once they sign up, they can’t get a hold of their representative, it’s overpriced, they don’t get any customer service and sometimes they don’t even want to talk to me about it,” Hidder explains.

“My approach is that I want an opportunity to talk to people and if I’m not able to help save them money, I’ll be honest and up front with them. Hence, I’m an honest guy in a not-so-honest industry,” states Hidder. Often with a new business or retail shop owner, they immediately go with their own bank’s merchant processing without checking to see what they are actually being charged. “I put everyone on wholesale plus pricing. This means interchange pass-through pricing,” he says. “That means that the actual interchange wholesale rate from MasterCard, Visa and Discover is passed through directly to the merchant, with a small processing fee added.” These rates are the same wholesale rates that big box stores like Target and Walmart pay and Hidder can make it happen for his clients, easily.

About 75 percent of the time, when Hidder is able to sit and talk with a potential client, he is able to save them money! The process is simple. “There are so many different kinds of fees for credit card processing and there are so many different kinds of cards,” he explains. “Some places will try to trick people by telling them they are simplifying it by offering one flat or tiered rate. But, they make the rates high enough to cover all the wholesale cost and that’s why some people are overpaying by 35 to 40 percent.”

Doctor’s offices tend to get taken advantage of in the merchant processing services area and Hidder just wants the chance to show various small and mid-size businesses how much money he will be able to save them by having them switch over to Automated Merchant Services. He is so confident in his program that there are no term contracts, no early termination fees and no equipment set up costs.

Hidder offers all of his merchants a wholesale pass-through pricing model which is usually is only offered to very large businesses or franchise groups. This is the only pricing plan any merchant should be on. For example, some businesses may pay 2.75 percent for a swiped debit card transaction with square and 3.50 percent for a hand keyed debit card transaction. With Automated Merchant Services that drops to the actual wholesale rate of 0.05 percent plus the small processing fee. The savings really add up when a business owner looks at their monthly credit card sales volume and then considers how much less they could be paying by switching companies. Switching credit card processing companies only takes about a week, with Hidder assisting every step of the way.

“I just need the opportunity for a business owner to show me what they have and then I can immediately tell if I can save them money,” Hidder continues. “Most often, I can streamline their process, save them money and provide superior customer support. I have a retention rate of 99 percent. Building lasting relationships and earning my customers trust is my number one priority. I’m always available for questions and I always return my phone calls. People always assume their bank is giving them the best deal and actually, they are usually the worst.”

To find out how much money you can save by switching over to Automated Merchant Services, contact Joe Hidder at (480) 970-9901 or visit