Bookkeep Inc. Small Business Bookeeping & Accounting

By Lynette Carrington

Bookkeep Inc. Small Business Bookeeping & Accounting

Owning and running and small busy is no easy task. With so many important decisions to be made, why not put the power of a bookkeeper with more than 30 years of experience in charge of your Quickbooks, payroll and even strategic financial business planning? Bookkeep Inc. offers the business accounting services you need, specifically tailored to the way your business operates.

Owner and Founder of Bookkeep Inc., Melisa Salem is the first one to admit that she literally “fell into” accounting and bookkeeping. But, she had a solid start when, back in high school she took every available business class there was from a particular teacher. “She was like a mentor. I took shorthand for four years, Future Business Leaders of America, word processing, keyboarding… every business class she offered, I took it,” explains Salem. Salem became quite skilled in English and communications. With such a solid foundation in business, accounting in the business world became a natural transition.

“The first job that I had that wasn’t in fast food was through that teacher,” states Salem. She went to work for a local bank as an intern and worked as the assistant to the executive cashier of the bank and each month she would reconcile the checking account of the bank. “I also reconciled the Fannie Mae and the Freddie Mac statements on a daily, weekly and monthly basis,” she adds. Under the supervision of the executive cashier of the bank, Salem gained a vast knowledge of proper accounting and basic bookkeeping skills. After her job at the bank, she worked as an office manager at a real estate franchise and she did all of the franchise reporting, payroll and commissions calculations. Immediately following, she took her bookkeeping and accounting expertise to a large variety of small businesses.

Now, as Bookkeep Inc., Salem offers her extensive knowledge as a traveling CFO, controller-in-a-box, bookkeeping and accounting specialist and further augments her services by offering workshops and training. With her vast background in assisting in nearly every industry, she can serve in a variety of accounting and bookkeeping capacities.

“I worked my way into being the controller or CFO mostly because the companies I would go to work for didn’t have anyone else,” explains Salem. With business owners being pulled in so many different directions, putting an expert in charge of the bookkeeping frees up their time so that they can focus on managing and growing their business. Salem can step in, organize Quickbooks and bookkeeping, process payroll and even help to strategize key financial decisions and forecasts for the future of the business.

“I have experience in every single software package that’s out there,” adds Salem. She defines her specialized niche as middle management assistance. With an additional staff member at Bookkeep Inc., Salem is able to stay on top of bookkeeping and offer financial strategies for her business clients.

She continues, “Most bookkeeping business models run by remote. You meet that person one time, they do everything behind-the-scenes and then you never see them. I don’t have that personality. I’m more of an entrepreneur mindset. I love to come in and work-side-by-side with other entrepreneurs to help them grow their business from a CFO level.” Salem and her team do meet with their clients face-to-face and make a concerted effort to be part of the business team.

As a testament to her abilities, Salem still has many businesses with Bookkeep Inc. that started with her company in the beginning! Find out what Bookkeep Inc. can do to assist you in your business. “I don’t just want to do books. I want to help people grow their business,” finishes Salem. To arrange for a meeting and find out what Bookkeep Inc. can do for your business, call Melisa Salem at (602) 377-6156. Learn more about Bookkeep Inc. online at