Brew Dr. Kombucha is Now Available at Valley Sprouts

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Brew Dr. Kombucha is Now Available at Valley Sprouts

Brew Dr. Kombucha is a Healthy Holiday Drink Alternative Now Available at Valley Sprouts

Brew Dr. Kombucha is a Portland, Oregon-based kombucha producer operated jointly with Townshend’s Tea Company, founded in 2006. Its line of ready-to-drink kombucha tea beverages is 100 percent raw, certified organic, and craft-brewed – meaning there are no added juices or flavorings after fermentation. The company’s products are available throughout the US and Canada. Locally, pick up Brew Dr. Kombucha at Valley location Sprouts Farmers Markets.

The introduction of Brew Dr. Kombucha to Arizona represents perfect timing for people looking for healthier beverage alternatives for the holiday and into the New Year. The delicious drink that is available in a variety of flavors is also a great item to introduce to party guests and to add to your very own grocery lists in the coming year.

Available Flavors

Citrus Hops

Brew Dr.’s newest flavor. This crisp and refreshing brew is the first ever kombucha loaded with northwest Chinook hops, white tea and oranges.

Clear Mind

A brilliant botanical flavor with notes of rosemary and sage. Each herb in the recipe is noted for its ability to assist in mental clarity and focus.

Just Ginger

We don’t skimp on any of our ingredients. Here we employ A LOT of organic ginger root in every bottle, giving this kombucha a robust flavor.

Lemon Ginger Cayenne

Potent organic ginger combines with the heat of cayenne pepper in this spicy yet refreshing brew, crafted with green tea and lemongrass.


Jasmine and lavender combine to create a refreshingly floral brew, popular during warmer months. Of course, Love is good anytime of the year.


Nutritonic is loaded with organic herbs from Townshend’s Apothecary line of herbal tea blends. An ideal drink for maintaining health and wellness.

Spiced Apple

As close as kombucha can get to apple pie. Cinnamon, clove and nutmeg combine with dried apple to create a uniquely cider-like experience.


Approachable to first-time kombucha drinkers, this flavor balances the subtle sweetness of kombucha with the tart flavors of various berries.

White Rose

Healthy and refreshing white tea paired with pink rose petals give this drink a soft, floral finish. Another unique member of the Brew Dr. line. was recently able to try all of these healthy Brew Dr. Kombucha drinks and discovered that each flavor profile is appealing and light with a wisp of effervescent fermentation. Out of all nine flavors, our personal favorite was the spiced apple – a refreshing flavor that can be enjoyed at any time of day!

More About Brew Dr. Kombucha

Not only will sipping a cold and bubbly Brew Dr. Kombucha help cut your calorie intake, the millions of gut-healthy probiotics might even help ease your digestive system as it processes the ongoing onslaught of rich foods and sweet baked goods the holiday season brings. Flavored exclusively from carefully crafted combinations of organic teas, dried fruits and botanicals, Brew Dr. Kombucha is 100 percent raw, Non-GMO and USDA Certified Organic, featuring only 30 calories and 5g of sugar, per serving. Perfect for kombucha beginners and enthusiasts alike, Brew Dr. Kombucha is one of the smoothest brands on the market, popular for its clean and crisp finish that combines very mild acidity with a hint of carbonation to satisfy on its own, or as a naturally delicious cocktail mixer.

Brew Dr. Kombucha currently offers nine flavor varieties, inspired by the Townshend’s Tea Company the kombucha brand was born from, including: Citrus Hops, Clear Mind, Just Ginger, Lemon Ginger Cayenne, Love, Herbal Uplift (2017 new name launch - formerly Nutritonic), Spiced Apple, Superberry and Happiness (2017 new name launch – formerly White Rose). CEO Matt Thomas, is also on hand to contribute expert insight into the health and beauty benefits of including Kombucha in your daily diet.Pick up Brew Dr. Kombucha at Valley location Sprouts Farmers Markets. For more information, visit