Donations/Services Needed for Fabulous Pampering Day 12/3

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Donations/Services Needed for Fabulous Pampering Day 12/3


All are welcome and encouraged to donate. However, this event is closed to the public in an effort to protect the privacy of the residence of the shelter**

Saturday, December 3, 2016 will be a great day of efforts to provide the women of Central Arizona

Shelter Services (CASS) with a day filled with pampering. Style Stalkers, LLC-an innovative fashion blogging and consulting company along with supporters in the community have joined forces to create an incredible day to remember by helping to contribute to the transitions of life changing support of homelessness needs during one of the hardest times of the year; in the wintery cold days of December.

The “5th Annual Fabulous Day Of Pampering” will provide the women of CASS head-to-toe makeovers, facials, hair styling/hair-cuts, makeup makeovers, massages, manicures, gently used seasonal clothing, shoes, a catered meal, good conversation and other items of need.

Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) provides shelter and supportive services to nearly 10,000 of the

Valley’s homeless each year. CASS’ mission is to end homelessness in Phoenix and it has been at the heart of CASS’ work for over 25 years. As the largest provider of shelter and supportive services for homeless individuals in Arizona, they shelter nearly 1,000 men, women and children each night. With the help of Style Stalkers, LLC and other supporters, they can provide both the men and women with clothing items of need, but more importantly, give the women of CASS an opportunity to feel like a woman and be pampered. The goal of Style Stalkers, LLC is to help give the women of CASS one day worry free and an opportunity to get all dolled up, take photographs and feel good about themselves starting from the inside... out.

Efforts for this event have been well received throughout the community as Style Stalkers, LLC has received various donations from around the Valley and willing participants to volunteer their professional services such as makeup artistry, hair, massage therapy, catering services and more. We’re now accepting gently used clothing for men and women of all sizes. We’re also accepting unopened/new toiletries, cosmetics, skin care products and hair care products to add to the gift bags and monetary and gift card donations to directly provide to the shelter. Your donation can be delivered to: 1366 E. Thomas Road, Suite 201, Phoenix, Arizona 85014 12-4 p.m. Monday-Friday from now until Wednesday, November 30, 2016. We’re also currently soliciting volunteer hair stylists, nail techs, food servers, clothing distributers and massage therapists. Thank-you and please help us spread the word and help make this a blessed holiday season for those who may be underprivileged.


The shelter and programs of CASS service the community’s most vulnerable and those in the greatest need who often times face nearly insurmountable barriers in ending their homelessness. The program empowers the clients to not only end their homelessness, but to rebuild their lives. CASS is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable organization that relies on the generosity of their supporters. Your financial contribution and volunteerism are invaluable investments in the success of the CASS shelter, programs and mission. Please visit for more information.


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