CallTeks Security and Commercial Telecommunications

By Lynette Carrington

CallTeks Security and Commercial Telecommunications

CallTeks Security has long been known and well-respected in the commercial and residential security system domain. As technology changes and customer demands dictate, businesses must pivot to the shifts in their business and industry. To that end, CallTeks is redirecting its efforts.

CallTeks Partner Ian Engel explains, “We are still going to be handling our residential customers with the same level of service we always have – they are part of the CallTeks family and are still very important to us.” CallTeks has always had a commercial division, but it was overshadowed by the residential side due to the vast amount of energy that had to be spent in generating that business. Commercial telecommunications and security will be at the forefront of CallTeks future direction.

Engel continues, “CallTeks will still be CallTeks Security. We will be adding communications where ever possible. More of a CallTeks – Security and Communications, but we don’t want to move so drastic that we become unrecognizable.” The shift will happen gradually. “There are no changes to my role in the company as a partner,” states Engel. I will be picking up the responsibilities of my ex-partners who have moved on to spear head another exciting service in our sister company CallSafe and we have added Ray Wieters as a partner in CallTeks, but other than that; it is business as usual.”

“I will be looking to move CallTeks into a leading communications provider statewide over the next year as many of the old leaders in the industry have closed their doors or are slowly transitioning out as the technology they support becomes obsolete,” Engel explains. “I have always believed that in the idea that you need to diversify and maintain with current technology. In my last company I was able to adhere to that philosophy and we were recognized as a leader in all verticals across the valley – I plan on doing the same here. Another aspect to that is not to lose sight of the legacy equipment – many of the new communications and security companies live on ‘sunset programs’ or ‘end-of-life’ announcements since it gives them the opportunity to engage their customers in a ‘forced upgrade’ proposal. Instead of forcing a customer’s hand, we will support older legacy equipment– allowing them to get more out of their original investment and take the time to decide on the best investment for their upgrade.”

CallTeks will continue its exceptional service with their existing customers – both residential and commercial. “They are all important to us as a family, and we are not going to be leaving any of them without the service that they have had with CallTeks,” finishes Engel. “We are just moving our efforts more towards the telecommunications and commercial security. Residential security, while not at the forefront, is still a solution we offer if a customer requests it.”

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