Counter Intuitive Whisks Guests Away to Another Place

By Lynette Carrington

Counter Intuitive Whisks Guests Away to Another Place

Counter Intuitive Whisks Guests Away to Another Place and Time

Innovative Prohibition style hot spot raises the bar on Valley craft cocktail scene

By Lynette Carrington

I thought I was in Old Town Scottsdale. I was wrong. As I stepped through the door at Counter Intuitive on Stetson Drive I was magically transported to “Opening Day in 1929 at the Agua Caliente Racetrack.” Clearly, this time traveling craft cocktails journey deserves a lavish explanation. Counter Intuitive creates a themed bar and associated cocktail menu every 6 months. That’s right, the bar completely changes! Past “episodes” have included “Big Trouble in Little China Towns,” “Cuba through the Eyes of Picasso,” and “New Orleans Estate Sale.” With the Agua Caliente chapter, the bar is all about tequila.

The racetrack is located in Tijuana, Mexico and in 1929 it was a hotbed of horse racing action that also attracted the rich and famous and perhaps more than its fair share of nefarious gangsters. From the punched tin ceiling tiles and throwback bar shelves to the horse racing game in the back of the bar, everything about Counter Intuitive will have you cheering. Be sure not to miss out on the scrumptious street tacos, tasty breakfast burritos (yes, they are served at night) and even the fantastically prepared deviled eggs.

Cocktails range from the traditional to the completely unexpected. Cocktails on the menu are all named for race horses and can and do include an inventive variety of ingredients including poblano chili, lime, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, watermelon, bitters, lemon oils, Mexican Squirt, coconut, cinnamon, hibiscus, agave nector and just about every tequila imaginable, plus much, much more.

This incredibly unique and innovative passion project lives on Stetson Drive in Old Town Scottsdale. All of the people at Counter Intuitive are “highly spirited” in that they are the Valley’s top mixologists that also work at other bars and restaurants and head up liquor and spirit programs elsewhere.

The “Racing Officials”

Executive Producer-Peter Kasperski

Executive Director-Rich Furnari

Director of Beverage Development-Jason Asher

Asst. Dir. of Beverage Development-Micah Olson

Director of Culinary Development-Garrison Whiting

Beverage Development-Keifer Gilbert

Beverage Development-Mari Howe

Beverage Development-Clint Spotleson

Bar Jockey-Keifer Gilbert

Sports Book-Mari Howe

Bar Jockey-Clint Spotleson

Bar Jockey-Sean Traynor

Glass Jockey-Patrick Petricca

Guest Relations-Kacie Asher

Guest Relations-Taylor Farmer

Counter Intuitive was named one of the "Top 21 New Bars in America" by Thrillist, as well as winner of the "Premier Cocktail Program" award at the 2016 Foodist Awards. This is not just a bar, it is an experience.

The latest episode “Opening Day in 1929 at the Agua Caliente Racetrack” will run for approximately six months before shifting gears and completely changing themes and décor again. Counter Intuitive is located at 7133 E. Stetson Dr. in Scottsdale. Visit Counter Intuitive on Facebook for all the latest news, fun and shenanigans. See you at the races!