Craft 64 Introduces New Beer, Wheat the People

By Lynette Carrington

Craft 64 Introduces New Beer, Wheat the People

Craft 64 Introduces New Beer, 'Wheat the People'

Whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent, there is one thing upon which we can all agree. New beer from Craft 64 is all-American! This month, come celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of awesome craft beer at Craft 64 and get to know its “Beer President,” James Swann.

Craft 64 serves a large variety of local craft beers on tap, plus it brews its own selections through Sun Up Brewery, too. When asked if newest Craft 64 brew, “Wheat the People,” had anything to do with the current political climate, Swann replied with a laugh, “A little!”

Swann explains, “This is yet another in our series of beers that I’m brewing over at Sun Up Brewery in Phoenix. It’s my recipe and I did the brew myself. It’s a light, American, white wheat ale. It’s about five percent alcohol by volume and it’s a perfect crisp summer beer.”

As with all things at Craft 64, Swann loves to throw in some fresh and fun surprises. “We’re going to bring in some fresh, locally sourced, unpasteurized fruit juices and we’re going to make shandies.” When the Wheat the People ale shows up at Craft 64 in a few weeks, everyone can boogie on down and enjoy fresh summer shandies. Swann adds, “You’ll be able to have the beer just like it is, or you’ll be able to have it with a mixed berry fruit juice added to it; a fresh, unfiltered, locally made berry juice, perhaps a pineapple juice done the same way, or even grapefruit.”

There are fresh new farmer’s market salads for the summer and they change on a regular basis. “They’re light, fresh, easy and crisp summer salads, as well as some fresh, new bruschetta specials, too,” Swann adds.

Whether you go for the food and stay for the beer or vice versa, you’ll be glad that you visited Craft 64. Cleverly named for the fact that there are 64 ounces in a growler of beer (and yes, they do fill growlers), Craft 64 effectively merges at the intersection of gastropub, wine bar and artisan pizzeria. You will also enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere that lives in Craft 64 as it is located in the second oldest home in Scottsdale. Come and find out what all the buzz is about at Craft 64!

Craft 64 is located at 6922 E. Main St, Scottsdale. Visit or call (480) 946-0542 for additional information. Craft 64 is open 11 a.m.-11 p.m., seven days a week.