Dimension 5 Partners with $99 Social for Special Offer

By Lynette Carrington

Dimension 5 Partners with $99 Social for Special Offer

Dimension 5 Partners with $99 Social for Special Offer

When owner, videographer and filmmaker Michael Colvin of Dimension 5 is asked about building a video marketing campaign, he often hears the same question from people. “Where should I use this video to get the best results?”

Colvin explains, “I tell them, ‘Video is essential to a great social media campaign. However, it's not enough to simply shoot a video and put it on You Tube. A company must take steps to ensure the video is seen and placed on multiple social media platforms as a complement to a social media campaign. That’s around the point I lose most people.’”This is the reason why Dimension 5 is now happy to announce its newest strategic partner $99 Social.

“I highly recommend $99 Social to all my video clients as well as to any business owner or manager I talk to because they are the social media experts,” says Colvin. “$99 Social stays up to date on all things S.E.O and knows exactly how to use the videos I create for clients to get the absolute most out of them.”

Colvin and director of $99 Social, Lee Scott were introduced by a mutual contact at a recent networking event where both men were exhibiting on behalf of their companies. “The topic of social media ads came up,” says Scott. “We started a conversation regarding the effect of ROI versus other web-based marketing and the options of adding video segments to gain higher rate of visibility for daily postings on the social media networks.”

Scott was excited to partner with Dimension 5. “Here at $99 Social we are always looking to expand our strategic partnerships with other companies that can provide top notch products and services,” he explains. “After reviewing the high quality of Dimension 5 products and outreach, it was a natural fit for our current product line versus others in the market.”

“The marketplace for social media has been trending to video for some time now,” Scott finishes. “We will offer our clients video options to compliment our current offering as our main focus is generating unique and specific content for businesses. We also have a true white label resale program and an affiliate program so our clients will have the ability to also offer Dimension 5's video options to their clients as well.”

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