Dimension 5 Productions Serves Small & Mid-sized Businesses

By Lynette Carrington

Dimension 5 Productions Serves Small & Mid-sized Businesses

Dimension 5 Productions Serves Small and Mid-sized Businesses with Video Production

The founder of Dimension 5 Productions, Michael Colvin has created a multi-faced company that serves a wide variety of small and mid-sized businesses. As a keen video production artist and director, he is a vivid and engaging storyteller. As a business owner, he is always seeking to add value to other’s businesses through his unique interpretation of visuals and a firm grasp on engaged marketing.

“Dimension 5 is primarily a marketing company,” says Colvin. “We specialize in ‘explainer’ videos. What we do is find the story in everything. Before we can tell the story, obviously, we have to find the story. If it’s a video, then I find out what the video is about. Are we selling a product or are we selling a service? Who’s behind that product or service and how did it come about? We really have to dig way back in to tell the story and then we tell it.” Previously, Colvin owned and operated his own production company in New York and brings his keen vision and video expertise to Arizona.

The planning process is a fun and creative one. “Before shooting takes place or loading up any equipment, we go through a planning process,” Colvin states. “The planning process can take a month, two months or a day, It depends on how well they know what they want and how they express that. A lot of the work comes before the productions even starts.”

Prior to founding Dimension 5 Productions, Colvin had his sights set on being a force in television and film. “I am very passionate about people’s stories… I want to tell them, I want to hear them. I want to see them. That’s what started it all. When I was in the Army, I kept a journal of my own stories.”

Colvin’s family is of paramount importance to him and took a part in helping him shape his storytelling skills. As a young father, Colvin had a practical need to serve in the military and he missed precious time with his first child. He cherished making up fun stories for her in their time together. In bringing it full circle for his oldest child, Colvin produced something profoundly special. “I wrote ‘The Deanna Story’ which I will produce for her wedding,” he says. “It chronicles all her passions through her life.” His daughter is preparing to be a neurologist and will be attending Oxford next year. Colvin’s three children are always an inspiration to Colvin personally and professionally.

Tiered Packaging

Adding to the ease of the overall process of telling the story of your business through Dimension 5 is an easy-to-understand “tiered package pricing” that is geared towards different types of video production packages. Adding to the value of various production packages is the addition of radio and television marketing. “I also do a radio show and I have friends in radio, so I like to do radio spots,” Colvin explains. “In some tiers, you’re included in a radio package or a television package. We also do media buys so if someone is in the top tier, they get a ready-for-TV commercial, the internet content, a radio show spot… I would say the top tier is an all-inclusive thing.”

Colvin has been buying media for his clients for years and he takes all the guesswork and hassle out of the process. He says, “I definitely go through Cox. They really are the best deal when it comes to buying time, especially for me because I send this so much business, I get a discount.” The discount is then passed on to Dimension 5’s clients!

Valley Insider Podcast

Colvin also hosts the Valley Insider on 1100 KFNX AM from 12-1 p.m. every Saturday. The show can be streamed live or listeners can tune in on your AM dial. He explains, “The show’s tag line is ‘Fun and Film in Phoenix.’ What we do is interview directors, actors and everybody that works in film in Phoenix. Sometimes it gets a little crazy and sometimes we even get to preview movies before they hit the theaters.” Past podcasts are also featured on the Dimension 5 Productions site. “It’s an open invitation, if someone wants to come in and talk about film, they can come in! The main premise of the show is about film,” adds Colvin.


Another project Colvin is doing with Dimension 5 Productions is short film, “Resolution.” The film is currently in production and will soon thereafter start making the rounds at various film festivals. “Resolution is a timeless tale of the proverbial deal with the devil,” says Colvin. “It’s based on a Foss play from 1682. What we did is put a modern spin on it and most of it takes place in a diner, although there are four different locations.”

Dimension 5 Productions is equal to the task of nearly any video production. The added value of Colvin’s marketing savvy and production insight gives any business or organization an exceptional level of polish. “Basically, we’re storytellers,” finishes Colvin. “We want to tell the best story we can about everything.” For additional information on Dimension 5 productions, visit www.d5prod.com.