Dr. David Warkentin of Verve Wellness Readies for Mission

By Lynette Carrington

Dr. David Warkentin of Verve Wellness Readies for Mission

Dr. David Warkentin of Verve Wellness Center Readies for Ugandan Medical Mission

Last year after Easter, Owner of Verve Surgical Institute, Dr. David Warkentin did a medical mission in Mwanza, Tanzania. He was part of a group of almost 30 doctors and staff that went over to try to help villagers with health care. Dr. Warkentin was so moved by the people of the village and the physical challenges that they face in their daily lives, he decided to embark on another medical mission. This fall, Dr. Warkentin will go to Uganda to once again donate his time and talent to a medical mission during a three week stay.

The group of 27 that Dr. Warkentin will be traveling with is from The City Church in Seattle, WA. “I hooked up with them because my sister works in the NICU at Seattle Children’s Hospital,” he explains. “She goes to that church and I was invited to go on the medical mission by the church since they needed more medical providers.” Dr. Warkentin will be the only medical provider from outside of Washington that will be going on this particular medical mission.

Preparing for Uganda is slightly different from the trip that Dr. Warkentin made to Tanzania. “There are huge differences. Uganda borders the Congo, Rwanda and the Sudan,” explains Dr. Warkentin. “There is a heavier presence of ISIS in the northern part of Uganda. We’re going to be in Southern Uganda. There are a lot terror cells there, unfortunately. We’ll have security team with us.”

In Uganda, the medical mission group will be working out of a Christian medical facility. “We’re also working in a children’s prison this time, so that’s new to me,” says Dr. Warkentin. “This is new to me and this is not the United States.”

There are a wide variety of illnesses, infections and injuries that may be encountered while in Uganda. “A lot of these will be parasitic patients because of Lake Victoria,” explains Dr. Warkentin. “That’s an easy fix. But, some of it will be trauma and wound care and suturing. On top of that, we’ll probably be seeing a lot more malnutrition; serious malnutrition.”

He continues, “This time, I’m raising a lot of money outside of the trip to bring a lot more medical supplies with us. We’ll bring a lot of shirts, t-shirts, shorts, shoes, and we’re teaming up with another group there for the food and everything else.” Unlike his previous trip to Tanzania where the mission group drove out to a site each day, this time, the doctors and staff will be staying on site.

For additional information on the trip, upcoming fundraising and photos, request to join Dr. Warkentin’s personal Facebook page here.

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