Dynamic Leadership Solutions.

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Dynamic Leadership Solutions.

By Lynette Carrington

Dynamic Leadership Solutions is entering its 10th year as a leader in the fields of staff development and organizational consulting. Owner and founder Rachel Lutowsky has orchestrated her dynamic business to answer the needs of business owners looking to assess employees, improve employee performance or perhaps seek out the one perfect staff addition who will take the company to the next level.Businesses small and large can benefit immensely from the experience and insight that comes through Dynamic Leadership Solutions.

“My background for the past 21 years has been organizational development with a focus on human capital. I started out working in a training department at a really fantastic company in Chicago and I had a 10 year run there. At that company, I was allowed to learn every aspect of the human performance improvement side of the business,” explains Lutowsky. She had a passion for this work right from the beginning and gained her Certified Technical Trainer designation as well as certifications in the Microsoft Office suite of products.“From there I moved into facilitating soft skills training – which included helping employees understand personality traits, improve communication, develop key personal habits and interpersonal skills as well as develop management and leadership skills.” When working with a wide range of employees, she utilized assessments which helped her to identify employee skill sets and potential areas of growth. After employment with other companies, she moved to Arizona and consulted independently before founding her company.

Dynamic Leadership Solutions is a solid choice in staff development and organizational consulting for any size of business. “I did not want to pigeonhole my business in just one industry. What I have been able to do is work cross-industry and engage with small and mid-size business owners to assist them in developing their employees.” states Lutowsky. “I like the wide range of projects and experiences with various industries and I have gained a wealth of knowledge in regard to the challenges within various industries and businesses.”

The process of deciding how Dynamic Leadership Solutions can best assist an organization begins with a phone call and then an on-site consultation. “It starts with key analysis process. There are a series of in-depth questions posed to assess a prospect,” states Lutowsky. “Initially what I am looking to understand is the value the decision makers put on their talent. Because if it is a matter of a business owner that wants to give lip service and say they’re a great employer but they do not have the intention of developing their employees, I want to know that information up front. I want to know if they have the intention of doing what they say they are going to do. When I talk to an organization, I also learn that some companies do know what they need. They have someone within the company, maybe in human resources that has a sense of what is needed.” All of this information is critical to determining if my services fit their needs and if they are a company with which I would choose to align myself.Sometimes in smaller organizations there will be an employee who is juggling the jobs of three or four people. Getting employees assessed for their best skills and identifying potentially strong talent can and does save businesses money in assuring the right people are handling the tasks and responsibilities for which they are best suited.

Lutowsky often gets calls from companies wanting to do team building exercises or events. “Nine times out of ten, someone’s idea of team building is on the opposite end of the spectrum from mine,” she explains. “Is that what they really need? Are they just looking for a night out bowling or are they looking for something educational and impactful? It’s usually not teambuilding they need. It’s actually developing communication skills, building relationships and understanding themselves and behavioral styles.”

Organizational consulting is also a specialty of Lutowsky. “When I talk about organizational consulting, it’s always from the perspective of talent management and performance improvement,” she notes. Specifically, she will spell out the hard costs of employee turnover to a business so they understand how to better harness the potential and talents of the staff they do have.

“Foundationally, I focus on communication and building trust and credibility. All the programs I provide are very customized and streamlined and they all start with an assessment. The assessments that I do are used in every aspect – whether I’m consulting or coaching a client or doing training with staff or supervisors.All businesses need these developmental programs,” says Lutowsky, who is a Certified Technical Trainer and Certified Facilitator.

“When you’re a consultant and trainer, it’s so easy to take any project that just comes your way. I choose to be selective in the clients with whom I work because I want to make sure what I’m providing is exactly what they need. I want to make sure we’re a good fit, especially with personal coaching,” explains Lutowsky. “As a coach, I use a hybrid approach that is the concept of coaching, but it’s also mentoring.” She wants to ensure a good fit and if it’s not quite right, she will refer that person to another coach. Lutowsky works Valley wide.

Lutowsky is also a Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst (CPBA), and a Certified Professional Motivators Analyst (CPMA). These certifications, awarded by TTI Success Insights on behalf of Target Training International, Ltd., recognize dozens of hours of training, education, and practical application of the history of behavioral models, including the DISC model, and behavioral knowledge based on validated, research-based instruments. For additional information on Dynamic Leadership Solutions visit www.dleadership.com or call (602) 824-8693 to find out how Rachel Lutowsky can assist you in making your business more efficient, productive and streamlined.