Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence Receives the Support of Industry Competitor

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Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence Receives the Support of Industry Competitor

By Lynette Carrington

Perhaps there is no greater vote of confidence or business success as when a competitor whole-heartedly endorses and supports what a competing company is doing. “The Shadow Agency is an industry leader in video mystery shopping,” explains Russell Wood, who is president of the company. “We have been doing video mystery shopping since 1994. We do all types of mystery shopping- video, recorded telephone shops, Internet shops and standard written shops-but we specialize in video.”

The Shadow Agency learned of Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence in 2014. Wood says, “We were introduced about a year ago, but earlier this year the President of a Mystery Shopping Coalition formally connected us when she learned EERI was looking for funding.”

When The Shadow Agency learned of Eagle Eye's intricate back end Talon Software used as the reporting component of mystery shopping, it saw an opportunity to step in and offer to assist in the system’s expedited development. “I was blown away!” exclaims Wood. “I could see the vision and insight that had been put into this product and had to be a part of it. There is no doubt in my mind it will soon be the industry standard and revolutionize the industry as a whole- it will take the industry to the next level.” Woods continues, “Aside from financial investment, our team is providing insight from more than two decades in the industry and experience in all types of mystery shops across a variety of industries.”

Eagle Eye’s Talon Software is positioned to shake up the mystery shopping industry in a good way.” There will be a paradigm shift for all parties involved in mystery shopping,” notes Wood. “An easier and more unified platform for mystery shoppers will attract a lot of new blood. I see simpler reports for the clients that leverage video at their core and more and more traditional mystery shops converting to video due to the better cost structures.”

After Eagle Eye’s back end Talon Software is developed, The Shadow Agency will still be involved with Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence. Woods explains, “We’ve developed a long term partnership with EERI, and plan to focus on leveraging the platform to best serve our interest as a mystery shopping provider as well as a capitalizing on licensing the product to other providers. The release of this platform will be a boon for shoppers, providers, and clients.”

Jonathan Przybyl is Co-owner and Co-founder of Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence, along with Tammy Spears and Cherie Przybyl. He says, “We at EERI feel a great sense of validation as a result of The Shadow Agency’s endorsement of not only our software, but our paradigm of video shopping. This partnership represents a solid cornerstone towards our overall strategy of reinvigorating the mystery shopping world with fresh ideas that will ultimately benefit everyone: shoppers, providers, and end user clients. Russell and his team have a lot of experience that complement our own and we are confident that are partnership will result in a greater ability to attain a critical mass of adoption from the whole community. Furthermore, we hope that our partnership with The Shadow Agency will attract other investors as our business scales to meet a heavy projected demand on all fronts.”

About Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence

Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence has replaced the un-actionable, static data of written mystery shopping with covert video data that is affordable for all industries. The company has built the world's first reporting platform that deeply integrates covert video with collaborative reporting that is easy to understand and quickly delivers the results the company decision makers need. Eagle Eye’s own proprietary Talon Video Mystery Shopping Software is available to clients via mobile, tablet and laptop to give quick and easy access to mystery shopper data. Its customers include convenience stores, grocery stores, clothing retailers and high-end service retailers.