Eco Mama Green Clean Developed Eco-Friendly Cleaner

By Lynette Carrington

Eco Mama Green Clean Developed Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Eco Mama Green Clean Developed Eco-Friendly, Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

Owner of Eco Mama Green Clean, Sarah Mitchell has been a conscientious business owner from day one. Her company provides house cleaning nearly Valleywide and as an asset, she also developed a heavenly scented cleaning product that speaks to those people who are looking to rid their personal environment of chemicals.

Prior to developing her signature cleaning product, Lavender Mint Bliss, Mitchell was using standard cleaning products from store shelves that indicated that they were “green.” Unfortunately, she discovered that those cleaners still contained various types of chemicals. Mitchell explains, “Many people suggested over the course of the first two years of my cleaning business, that we make our own cleaners. I wanted to live up to our promise of chemical-free cleaning!”

Creating Lavender Mint Bliss took a lot of time in development and some trial and error, too. “When I came up with the first version of our Lavender Mint Bliss cleaner, it only had a shelf life of a week or two,” says Mitchell. “It worked great when our crews were cleaning homes, but people were asking to buy it and I knew I couldn't sell it just yet.”

Mitchell soon perfected Lavender Mint Bliss, her employees now use it in cleaning clients’ homes and the product is also sold on the Eco Mama Green Clean website. “Oh, everyone loves it! Every time a new customer buys from us, I always ask for feedback and I'm finding out daily new uses for it! We have customers across the country,” she states.

Keeping in the theme of eco-friendly, Lavender Mint Bliss is also available as a yoga mat cleaner. Mitchell says, “We have many yoga enthusiasts and small gym owners as clients for our cleaning service. We would often talk about yoga mats and gym equipment that constantly are exposed to sweat and germs. The pores are open when working out, so anything toxic that is on the mats or gym equipment will go right into your skin. We developed the yoga mat spray about six months after Lavender Mint Bliss as a safe, natural, and local alternative that also smells very refreshing.”

Lavender Mint Bliss is an all purpose cleaner and can literally be used in place of any standard cleaning products. “We made a concentrate because our customers wanted to buy larger quantities,” Mitchell explains. “We make a concentrate that is added to one gallon of distilled water. This, by far is the best deal and a lot easier to transport or ship than the gallon. Many customers that start off buying a bottle or two, end up switching to buy the gallon concentrates since they use it on everything.”

Truly, the cleaning product is completely versatile. “It works on anything and everything,” states Mitchell. “We load up our cleaning staff with gallons of Lavender Mint Bliss per week, and they clean homes top to bottom. It works great on windows, mirrors, bathrooms, kitchens, car upholstery, children's toys, walls, refrigerators, stainless steel, granite, marble, wood, highchairs, strollers, carpet stains, and more. I even spray my kids’ hands with it. The best part is that my toddler loves to ‘help’ clean, so I can give him a bottle and not worry when it gets all over him!

There may even be some new products on the horizon at Eco Mama Green Clean. Mitchell says, “We are always brainstorming over at Eco Mama. We do seasonal scents a few times a year. Our Cinnamon Clove Bliss was a hit for the Holiday season. I'm sure we will bring that back this year.”

To get a quote on housecleaning service, to order your very own Lavender Mint Bliss, or for additional information, visit or call (480) 544-6262. Follow all the latest news, tips and trends for Eco Mama Green Clean on Facebook!