Eco Mama Green Clean Founder Created Company with Vision

By Lynette Carrington

Eco Mama Green Clean Founder Created Company with Vision

Eco Mama Green Clean Founder Created Company with Unique Vision

Eco Mama Green Clean is not your typical housecleaning service company. Owner Sarah Mitchell puts a conscious effort into every facet of her business. From a customer service focus, to signature green cleaning products, she is constantly thinking about ways her company can offer a better service and drive home an earth-friendly and chemical-free message.

When Mitchell first founded Eco Mama Green Clean, she did so with a clear concept. “My biggest goals were to spread awareness for household toxic chemicals that are pretty standard to most people's homes and the effects they can have on the body,” Mitchell explains. “We wanted to stand out and attract a client base with the same values as we have.”

Now that Mitchell’s company has been around for six years, she is proud that Eco Mama Green Clean has set itself apart in a positive way from other cleaning companies. She says, “Eco Mama is different from the standard cleaning company because we use all-natural products, including our signature scented natural all-purpose cleaner. We are 100 percent local, and support local vendors.”

Eco Mama Green Clean is also passionately involved with the community. “We are currently working on fundraising for cancer patients who are very sensitive to chemicals. Our vision is to be able to provide cleanings at very low or no cost to people who are going through chemo,” Mitchell states. “We would also like to see our natural products replacing the toxic cleaning products found in many day cares and childcare facilities across the valley.” Stop by the website and donate towards the worthwhile cause!

Mitchell is proud to conduct her business with a mission that serves a useful purpose and a mission to give thoughtful families a healthy and chemical-free option for housecleaning. Mitchell finishes, “Overall, we would like to continue to spread awareness and let Scottsdale and the surrounding areas know that we are here, we care, and we are a safe choice for service or products.”

To get a quote on housecleaning services, available Valleywide, or for additional information, visit or call (480) 544-6262.