Eco Mama Green Clean Provides Innovative Product & Cleaning

By Lynette Carrington

Eco Mama Green Clean Provides Innovative Product & Cleaning

Eco Mama Green Clean Provides Innovative Product and Environmentally Friendly Housecleaning

Owner of Eco Mama Green Clean, Sarah Mitchell didn’t really give much thought to the types of products she used to clean her home years ago. Once she became a mother, she reevaluated the cleaning products she was using around her home and became a force for change. She has created a 100 percent environmentally friendly cleaner that will clean just about anything and everything in a home and coupled that with an affordable and efficient cleaning service that is available Valleywide.

Founded in 2010, Mitchell first developed the idea behind Eco Mama Green Clean while she was living on the East Coast. “I was working for a Department of Defense contractor company,” Mitchell explains. “I had a wonderful job, great salary and job security. After I had my first baby, I had to leave him 11 hours a day.” After six months of that, she knew she would be moving to Arizona and she pondered how she could possibly have a job that would also accommodate her busy mothering schedule. “At the same time, I was learning all about what was harmful for my child and when I was pregnant I learned chemicals were bad. I was learning about this eco-friendly lifestyle which I hadn’t known too much about before that. This was built on passion and love for my first-born.”

She continues, “First, we just used cleaning products from the shelf that said they were ‘green.’ I didn’t know much about it at that time, but I discovered they still had chemicals!” Mitchell began researching and developing a safe, non-toxic cleaner that would fit her green vision. “After a few years, I came up with the product that we have now,” adds Mitchell. She created Lavender Mint Bliss, a multi-purpose cleaner that Mitchell uses for her home cleaning business and is also available for sale to the general public on her company’s website. The scent the product imparts almost smells like a fine tea or something you would find in a day spa.

“You can clean your glasses with it and everything,” states Mitchell. “My house cleaners use gallons of this every week and will clean everything, top to bottom with it - light cleans, deep cleans, rental homes that get pretty torn up… It works for everything. It works on windows, too.”

“I’m very passionate about this product,” says Mitchell of Lavender Mint Bliss. “We have this on our website and there is a winery in Downtown Scottsdale that sells it, too, LDV Winery. They keep it on their shelves and they have people coming in all the time asking for it.” Mitchell continues, “This is a great product for new moms and expectant moms who want to make sure that they are not putting poison where their child is going to go.”

The Eco Mama Green Clean housecleaning provides services Valleywide. “We’re primarily working in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix,” says Mitchell. “Now, we do quotes online. On our website, we have a quote form that our clients can go to. They fill out the form and it helps us determine if they have pets, what type of cleaning they want, if they want regular service and how they found us. It helps us answer all their questions.” From there, the operations manager at Eco Mama Green Clean gets the quote and follows up with the potential client. The company is licensed, bonded and insured and is also a part of Local First Arizona which is supportive of other local businesses. There are no contracts and Mitchell’s company will service both homes and small businesses.

Now that Mitchell has been running her company with several years under her belt, she is truly enjoying what she created and the message that she is helping to spread. “I love teaching younger and newer moms that they don’t have to use chemicals around their babies and around their pets,” says Mitchell. “I’ve had a few moms say that their kids were always sick and they started using this product and their sickness went away.”

In developing and running Eco Mama Green Clean, Mitchell says that her work combines children, passion and love. She finishes. “My oldest was my inspiration, my middle was my motivation to keep going and my third is my additional motivation!”

To get a quote on housecleaning service or for additional information, visit or call (480) 544-6262.