El Palacio Debuts Diverse Selections on New Fall Menu

By Lynette Carrington

El Palacio Debuts Diverse Selections on New Fall Menu

El Palacio Debuts Diverse Selections on New Fall Menu

f there’s something that Owner and Executive Chef Anthony Serrano of El Palacio Restaurant and Cantina knows, it’s flavor. This fall, everyone will find something on the El Palacio menu to love! Recently, on behalf of Scottsdale.com, I got the chance to get a sneak preview of some new fall menu items and the entrees and appetizers truly run the gamut from the familiar to the unexpected.

First up, the bean dip at El Palacio is certainly nothing new, and neither is the salsa. But, they are both so delicious that you may attempt to overdose on these two items prior to ordering. Pace yourself. There’s much to discover on Chef Serrano’s extensive menu.

Here are the new fall menu items:

Flash Fried Cauliflower Nachos with Queso Sauce – This was a standout dish! Who would have thought cauliflower could take the place of chips in a nacho dish? It’s healthy, colorful and it’s delicious.

Carnitas Jalapeno Poppers – I will have to single out this appetizer as my favorite new menu items. Soft and delicious with a satisfying crunch, I’ve never had a popper like this one. It’s mildly spicy and sure to be a crowd pleaser. I wonder if Chef Serrano would give me the recipe for this appetizer?

Carnitas Torta – This is one tasty torta with a mildly spicy sauce and it’s perfect for lunch or dinner.

Sonoran Dog – Not exactly sure how he did it, but Serrano added jalapeños and cheese and created a perfect, Southwestern spin on an upscale hot dog!

Papitas Fritas – Like potato chips, but tastier! It’s a great way to satisfy your craving for potatoes!

Lengua Taco – A new taste twist on a Mexican food classic! This taco is perfectly seasoned and is a nice departure from your find in a typical beef taco.

Salmon Taco – Chef Serrano has perfected the art of a light, tasty and satisfying fish taco. This is one street style taco that will have you longing for the beach.

Tia’s Enchiladas, Cast Iron Skillet Enchiladas - Cooked to perfection in a mildly spicy red sauce, these are some of the more tasty and substantial enchiladas I’ve had in the past few years. Don’t miss this dish!

Mexican Style Picadillo Fried Empanada – This dessert is fried and worth every delicious calorie. The combination of savory and crunch is not one you will soon forget!

My personal favorite craft cocktail is the horchata drink featuring Rumchata and Fireball. It proved to be the perfect flavor combination that included a hint of sweet and a festive little kick of Fireball. It was also a smooth and creamy accompaniment to every dish our media group enjoyed on this evening.

The El Palacio menu also includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, as well as a kids menu. Catering services are also available through Serrano’s Desert Rose Catering.

El Palacio is located at 2950 E. Germann Rd. in Chandler, with additional locations in Bullhead City, Kingman, Laughlin, Mohave Valley and Lake Havasu. Visit www.epfamilyrestaurants.com for additional information.