Buy an Elements Massage gift card and get one at 50% Off

By Lynette Carrington

Buy an Elements Massage gift card and get one at 50% Off

Elements Massage is the perfect escape to get away from the stresses and hassles of everyday life. But more importantly, the massage establishment is your partner in wellness and can address your concerns with a variety of massage modalities that guarantee a relaxing, de-stressing and rejuvenating experience each time you visit. Ron and Troy Suzanne Gatza are the owners of the Greenfield and US60 location and together they head up the culture of service and professionalism at Elements Massage – South Mesa.

With more than 220 locations throughout the United States and 12 in the Valley, Elements Massage is an upscale and professional establishment that welcomes its clients in like family and offers the finest in massage therapy treatments. The Greenfield location currently has 11 massage therapists and is selectively looking for more to support the rapidly increasing number of clients. Sports massage, couples, deep tissue, Swedish, pre-natal, oncology, sports, trigger point, hot stone and energy work are offered. Regardless of what you need in your massage therapy, the trained, licensed and caring professionals at Elements Massage will have you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with each visit. As an added bonus, for clients who are pregnant or who have had surgery, there is a special table that includes strategic “cut outs” to allow for the highest level of comfort and convenience.

The Gatzas have had their location for nearly a year and they both hail from a background in technology and upper management that has allowed them to get into the Elements Massage franchise model and hit the ground running. “This is really the whole package and it’s all about the experience that people receive when they come into our place,” says Troy Suzanne Gatza. Ron Gatza adds, “Service is evident from the minute someone gets on the phone or comes in the door and books a massage. There are 10 steps and our clients are hand-held through the whole process.” It is that complete attention to the details of the massage experience that impresses customers and allows the Gatzas to ensure the highest levels of customer care while creating an environment where their clients feel welcome and comfortable. The support the Gatzas receive from their area directors and from corporate has also provided them with a stellar foundation on which to build their growing business.

All of the massage therapists at Elements Massage are licensed, insured and are employees of the company. Each therapist has one or more areas of massage modality specialties and will be paired up with a client, depending on what type of massage someone requests. “Our therapists’ bios are online and here at our location and when you book an appointment, you can go through and see what everyone’s specialty is,” states Ron. When a client books a massage either online or by phone, they are welcome to choose a specific massage therapist or one who is first available. Massage therapists at Elements Massage have, on average, between 8 and 10 years experience and are specifically screened, given a massage “interview” and personally chosen by the Gatzas to impart the perfect massage experience to their clients.The therapist at Elements are only scheduled to provide on average four to six massages per shift, unlike other businesses that require much more of their therapist. This methodology helps to make sure that the clients are receiving the “best” massage in the industry and that the health and wellness of the therapist is protected. They are compensated on the quality of massage that they give and not the quantity. This is the Elements Way.

“We guarantee our massages, which is something that is industry exclusive,” Ron explains. “If someone comes out and isn’t saying a massage was wonderful or fantastic, we’ll find out why and do what it takes to make they satisfied. We send an email survey to every new client and also after five visits. If someone doesn’t give us at least a rating of ‘9’, we’ll contact them, figure out what happened and then make it right for our client.” It is the attention to detail, the service path process and constant follow-through that makes Elements Massage a unique and outstanding experience from start o finish.

The Gatzas know that when it come to massages, people have a choice and Elements Massage is poised to simply deliver the finest service and massage experience in a healthy, supportive and relaxing environment. “We have a 90 percent satisfaction rate – the highest in the industry,” notes Ron. For clients who choose frequent massages, Elements Massage has something specifically tailored for them.

“We have a monthly wellness program,” says Ron. “We’ve got a lot of differentiation in how we do our program compared to what our competition might do.” There is no long-term commitment and a membership can be shared with another member in the household who will also enjoy the same level of benefits. For one low monthly price, a member will receive one massage per month and they are able to purchase additional massages at the same discounted price. Members may also purchase gift cards at the same low rate! Elements Massage is also open seven days a week, providing a very accommodating schedule for its valued clients.

“The key thing is giving our customers what they deserve,” says Troy Suzanne. Ron finishes, “Both of us are used to IBM quality and quality of service and we try to instill that into our employees and our business.

For Valentine’s Day, consider relaxing together with a soothing couples massage! Massage therapy is done in the same room and gives a unique experience for those who want to try something different. Right now, buy an Elements Massage gift card and get one at 50 percent off. Other specials running include special pricing for new clients only: $59 for a one hour session and $89 for a 90 minute session.

Elements Massage is located at 1705 S. Greenfield Rd., #103, Mesa. To book an appointment, visit or call (480) 719-7199.