Entrepreneur Readies for Launch of ‘FindingWhatsup’ App

By Lynette Carrington

Entrepreneur Readies for Launch of ‘FindingWhatsup’ App

Are you ready for the next big social app? The brand new “Finding Whats Up” app is free and will allow you to do just what it says and much more. Whether you are looking for a discount at a local restaurant, a trusted car mechanic, something fun to do in Old Town Scottsdale or need an exciting place to take your kids on the weekend, Finding Whats Up gives you exactly what you want.

Founder of Finding Whats Up, Kin Perry has been in the web/tech industry for nearly 20 years and in fact developed an online customer loyalty program in San Diego before selling the business and moving to Arizona in 2007 when he got into real estate. Alas, technology coupled with social networking beckoned to Perry once again and now, Finding Whats Up is poised to be a leader in the social and coupon space as it relates to businesses.

For businesses that want to discover what Finding Whats Up has to offer, Perry is inviting them to the corporate office in Mesa to check out the excitement first-hand. “We’ll do this in two phases,” explains Perry. “For the beta version, we’re hand-picking and offering anyone that would like to check this out a copy. They can test drive the app seeing what companies are already in there and if they feel that this is something that can benefit their business, a 25 to 50 percent discount will be offered as an early adopter before April 7, 2016. We’ll have a 30 day beta and then the official launch on April 7.” Finding Whats Up will boast both mobile and online versions.

“Any business model can follow this and one of the biggest things that’s going to happen is having alerts go to people’s smartphones,” says Perry. “If you subscribe to the key-specific categories or follow any businesses listed in the mobile app, getting those notifications is what is going to keep you involved.” You might indicate on Finding Whats Up that you like Italian food or you like automotive related businesses. Then, while you’re driving within 15 miles of those businesses using a combination of GEO fencing and push notifications, you’ll see a lunch special pop up on your mobile device for an Italian restaurant, or a deal for an oil change. Future updates will include integration with the Apple watch! Additionally, Finding Whats Up will incorporate the ability to add friends and create an engaging network. Businesses will be able to create a following much like popular social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, but will not be charged to push notifications to their subscribers if they are premium members.

Vice president of operations, Marius Ciobanu says, “The app will actually learn your interests and your preferences as you go along. The more you use it, the better it gets. As you’re using the app and you ‘favorite’ things or you rate restaurants, the app will direct you to similar type cuisine or services or entertainment and events.”

Literally any business can take advantage of any number of special offers that can be custom-tailored to their existing and new customers, depending on what level of program they join with Finding Whats Up (free participation is also available). Businesses found on Finding Whats Up include restaurants, service professionals (those in plumbing, heating, A/C, house painting, landscaping) and entertainment venues and special events.

Perry states, “For the businesses, this is going to be instrumental because they don’t have to pay - like with Groupon where they have to cut down 50 percent of the coupon and then share the remaining profits with them. You don’t have to do that. All the revenue belongs to the business. The other important part of this is that we will never alter reviews.”

Shady reviews or businesses with questionable ethics often try and do leave bad reviews about competing businesses. With Finding Whats Up, the team is going the extra mile to ensure the authenticity of reviews. Perry says, “Many people are wondering why Yelp doesn’t require people to validate who is leaving the review. We wanted to do that - take that extra step and have a validation point. Now we know who is leaving the review and we want a comment with the review. Here’s another great thing we’ll be doing for businesses. If your business gets a ‘3’ or lower as a customer review out of ‘5’, it will hold the review in moderation for 5 days and instantly notify that business owner and give them the opportunity to talk with or open a dialogue with the customer who left the review.” This opportunity gives the business owner a chance to make things right and resolve any issues the customer may have had. Often, an unhappy customer will not take the time to say something while they are in a business, but they will leave an unfavorable review. In giving a business owner a chance to make a customer happy, they can better serve their client base and grow in their own customer service skills. If the owner has improved the experience for the unhappy customer, the Finding Whats Up rating can be improved. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Unlike other apps that penalize businesses that don’t advertise with them, Finding Whats Up will give a true product or services review as seen through the eyes of the consumer. Whether a business decides to go with a non-premium or premium package with Finding Whats Up, reviews will not be manipulated or driven up or down. Any business can take part in the app. There are several tiers of extremely affordable premium membership levels that allow for customized coupons and special event offers. Ciobanu explains, “Our businesses can go on a monthly or yearly basis. If they choose yearly, they receive two months free. So, they get 12 months for the price of 10. In our premium level plans, businesses can include a video from Youtube or Vimeo on their business profile on the mobile app.”

“A key area that we will be focusing on is strategic partnerships with ad agencies,” Perry explains. “They already have an established clientele and now they can offer an awesome advertising tool for local businesses that gives them full control over their coupons, events and specials, affordably. We’ll give marketing and ad agencies discounted rates for working with us and they can bring their valued customers on board.”

ANY business can take advantage of the Finding Whats Up app and offer discounts and deals to customers who indicate certain industry, interest or location preferences. Another unique feature is the feedback and rating portion of the app, which will be completely transparent and not affected by what premium advertisers are with Finding Whats Up. The app will be rolled out Valleywide and the founding team at Finding Whats Up has its sights set on introducing Finding Whats Up in other major metropolitan areas. For additional information and a fun video explaining how easy it is to use the Finding Whats Up app, visit www.findingwhatsup.com.

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