Flip Orley Coming to Tempe Improv September 29-October 2

By Lynette Carrington

Flip Orley Coming to Tempe Improv September 29-October 2

Flip Orley Coming to Tempe Improv September 29-October 2

Hypnotist and Comedian Flip Orley brings skilled and fun hypnotism to an ecstatic crowd!

Being a hypnotist isn’t easy. Being a stand-up comedian is tough, too. So how does Flip Orley so seamlessly combine the two? It’s a craft that he has mastered and audiences simply cannot get enough of his unique brand of comedy. Orley will be bringing his “hypnotic show to Tempe Improv September 29-October 2.

Orley’s show always draws a fun crowd and dazzles even the most skeptical audience members. Every time he takes the room, anxious fans storm the stages, hoping to be among the lucky volunteers to grab a seat and literally become the stars of the show. Comedy chains have never had a hypnotist that has replicated the incredible crowds, amazing creativity, or quirky sense of humor that Orley brings to each and every one of his shows. He is also adamant about not embarrassing his volunteers. He prefers his audiences to laugh with the volunteers, not at them. He takes great care in making sure that the stars of his show remember everything, and have as much fun as his audience. Scottsdale.com caught up with Orley recently where he let us in the appeal of his fun shows and just how he got started in the business.

Taking the stage to do hypnosis onstage evolved for Orley. “It wasn’t by design,” Orley explains of his stage act that packs clubs cross the U.S. “I took an interest in hypnosis in late elementary school, but not with any intent in doing hypnosis. I just thought it was interesting.” Then, comedy began to seep into the equation. “I wanted to do stand-up comedy from a very young age. From elementary school on through high school and into college, I studied hypnosis… Mostly privately, just reading books and wherever I could get information.”

“At age 18 I went to NAU for one semester, and then I transferred to UofA,” states Orley. “They had a club called the Komedy Korner. I joined that club when I started doing stand-up and then I eventually moved back to Tempe to finish up at ASU.”

Orley continues, “They opened up a comedy club in Tempe called Chuckles. Again, I had been studying hypnosis and doing hypnosis privately.” He was conducting hypnosis individually with people to improve their grades and study habits, sleep better and manage stress, but still with no drive toward taking hypnosis into the entertainment realm. “Around 21 or 22 years old, a buddy of mine started saying, ‘You should do hypnosis onstage!’” Orley’s gears started grinding and a new type of “engaging” hypnosis was born. Only this time, it was on stage.

Now into his 25th year of on-stage hypnosis, Orley continues to present a fun show that is literally a brand new show every time he does it, hence its ongoing appeal. He says, “I think there’s inherently an interest in hypnosis because it’s so shrouded, for many people, in mystery. So you have those that are convinced it’s real and they don’t know what it is or how it works and then you have those that think it isn’t real and the hypnotist is a charlatan or he has paid actors.”

What’s it like to be hypnotized? Orley explains, “Your body relaxes. Your mind clears. You feel comfortable. Some people have compared it to a waking dream state or being slightly stoned. That is actually not an uncommon description!”

“When done correctly the experience of hypnosis is typically a very pleasant one,” finishes Orley. For this reason, many of his past on-stage guests embrace the chance to come back and do it again! For Orley’s shows at Tempe Improv, audience members, like Orley himself should keep an open mind and be prepared for whatever zaniness unfolds. You’ll be amazed, you’ll laugh and it’s a fantastically unique show.

Orley’s brilliant comedic timing and his on the spot creative imagination delivered a show in Washington D.C. that was so funny that an audience member laughed so hard they actually needed medical attention! Obviously this is not Orley’s goal, but it does paint a vivid picture of how hilarious this show really is. In addition to his appearance on “Entertainment Tonight”, Maury Povich has turned over his show to Orley twice, as has Ricki Lake, followed by his three traffic-stopping appearances on NBC’s "Today Show", which met with rave reviews.

Orley will be taking his show to the high seas for a special “Hypnoboy Cruise” April 1-6, 2017. Guests will enjoy a 5 night Western Caribbean cruise about the Carnival Triumph. Experience private workshops with Orley on the subject of hypnotism and interact with him during private shipboard cocktail parties and meet and greet as well as at the pre-cruise launch party! Or, be a volunteer in one of his onstage group hypnotisms. To learn more about the trip, click here.

Flip Orley will be performing in six unique shows from September 29-October 2 at Tempe Improv. Purchase tickets at www.tempeimprov.com. Tempe Improv is located at 930 E. University Dr., Tempe. Call (480) 921-9877 for additional information.