FM3 Systems Creates Software Hardware & Accounting Solutions

By Lynette Carrington

FM3 Systems Creates Software Hardware & Accounting Solutions

FM3 Systems Creates Custom Business Software, Hardware and Accounting Solutions

In the ever-changing world of technology, it can be challenging to keep up with all the latest trends in hardware and software, especially where business is concerned. President and CEO of FM3 Systems, Art Humphrey has had a lifelong passion to create and streamline processes to make tasks and systems easier to operate, and with maximum efficiency. At FM3 Systems, he helps design strategic solutions that save time, money, labor and other valuable resources by working with key decision makers at a business and discovering what how every facet of a business is operating.

FM3 Systems specializes in networking hardware, phone systems and Open System horizontal platform accounting software. Humphrey states, “In some environments, we do everything.” Because of his expertise in designing systems, he can create minor miracles. “We do things with Open System that will cause their eyebrows to run off their forehead!”

The target customer for FM3 are businesses in the accounting software industry, horizontal and general accounting and manufacturing and distribution; typically for small to mid-size companies, up to $250 million in sales, in both the United States and Canada. Humphrey says, “It depends on the number of transactions, the number of items and the dollar value of the transaction.” At its core, FM3 Systems provides services that meet unique circumstances for its busy clients.

FM3 Systems has been in business for more than 40 years and has ridden the entire wave of business technology evolution. “Some of the stuff that we do that is unique is that we are really strong in information preparation,” explains Humphrey. In gauging an initial system issue at a business, he takes things one simple step at a time, thoroughly checking for potential hiccups in a system. He says, “I make sure the electricity is correct and the environment is correct, because if that’s not correct, it won’t work.” But, of the utmost importance is to get in to the day-to-day transactional workings of a particular client.

“We immerse ourselves completely in their business,” Humphrey explains. “We put our people in the same shoes that everybody else is – upper management, lower management and people out in the field. If I can’t walk in their shoes, I can’t really understand what they do or improve it. The biggest test we have is what we call ‘cost reduction.’ That doesn’t mean slashing jobs. One of the direct expense to a business as an indirect expense is moving paper and numbers. It’s all about reducing the cost per transaction.” After seeing what each group of individuals does within a business, Humphrey then will propose the ways that FM3 Systems can streamline a process and create ways to save resources and automate wherever possible.

Humphrey stays on top of all the latest developments in technology and equipment. He has a close relationship with equipment manufacturers Adtran, Allworx, HP, and others. He says, “They keep me dialed in and tuned in. The communication protocols change, but I get that information in emails twice a week.”

Humphrey finishes, “You work at a level of success that you are able to do it right and know what’s going on. We don’t bring in outside people and hope that they are doing it right. Being a perfectionist is a part of my life.”

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