Great things are ahead for Eagle Eye’s back-end system Talon

By Lynette Carrington

Great things are ahead for Eagle Eye’s back-end system Talon

Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence has been working tirelessly in the mystery shopping world, developing a system that delivers beneficial and immediate results to retail and service industry clients while making the mystery shopper’s job easier, too. It has developed its back-end system, Talon to serve as a state-of-the-art CRM to best address the unique needs of its mystery shoppers and clients. Independent Mystery Shoppers Coalition (IMSC) has taken note and thrown its enthusiasm and trust behind Eagle Eye and Talon.

President of IMSC and published author, Pam Olmstead explains the mission of her company, which was founded in 2009. “Our mission is to be the best we can be and raise the bar on the mystery shopping industry,” Olmstead says. “We provide energy and good will to everybody that’s involved in the industry. We provide a happy, comfortable place to share mystery shopping experiences, provide positive encouragement and helpful dialogue concerning opportunities and outcomes and we offer helpful resources.” Prior to IMSC, mystery shoppers didn’t get much input and neither did the client. “The IMSC doesn’t believe in hierarchy, we believe all parts of this puzzle work together in order to provide the client with what they need, which is positive, honest feedback, or sometimes negative feedback, as far as what is happening inside their business.” adds Olmstead.

Olmstead says that she was not familiar with the Talon back-end system by Eagle Eye until one of her IMSC members brought it to her attention and recommended she get in contact with Jonathan Przybyl, one of the owners and founders of Eagle Eye. “The very same day, I called Jonathan and started talking to him… As I started listening to this man, I thought, ‘He’s brilliant. He is absolutely brilliant!’” recalls Olmstead. “He had started out as a shopper and saw some areas where clients weren’t receiving what they were paying for and as a shopper being out in the field, you can tell when clients need something different than what the mystery shopping company has told them. He went on to tell me about Talon and what he was doing.” Olmstead was anxious to get him involved in an IMSC conference so he could share his knowledge with others in the industry and she was thrilled that indeed, he came to take part. “It was the best decision I’ve ever made,” she says. “IMSC was the first one to introduce Talon to folks.”

Olmstead sees great things ahead for Eagle Eye’s back-end system, Talon. “It’s going to revolutionize video shopping,” she says. “I think within another six months to a year, everyone is going to want what Jonathan has.” In the current state of the industry, it costs mystery shoppers about $500 to $600 to get the required equipment, which is often uncomfortable and awkward. “Talon changes all of that and makes it to where people who have every day things, such as their phones… they have it already and it’s not something they have to go spend $500 or $600 on.” Talon also streamlines the entire mystery shopping process by allowing nearly instantaneous video upload of a mystery shop to the client and the client can immediately see what took place. No more bulky equipment, long forms to fill out or extensive waiting times for a shop result… Talon delivers just what the client and the mystery shopper want in a very speedy manner.“I love what I do… I wish there were more companies like Jonathan’s that were innovative and that’s the kind of platform that we try to put out there so these folks can take it to the next level if they want to,” says Olmstead.

IMSC holds conference throughout the country and invite mystery shoppers, shop schedulers, shop editors and clients, who also serve as sponsors. The next conference will take place in May in Indiana, in Las Vegas in November and a large reunion event for mystery shoppers in Gilbert, Arizona which will most likely take place in June. For additional information on IMSC and conference information, visit

In other exciting developments, Eagle Eye is proud to announce that it has added two large car wash chains (that include oil change/convenience stores), a large fast food chain in New Mexico and added business with an existing client that includes ID compliance for tobacco and liquor. Additionally, Eagle Eye has secured $300,000 from an investor that the company’s management met while at a recent IMSC trade show.

Eagle Eye is also getting ready for a large software launch in February or March! There will be an iPhone and Android app released during that time that will allow covert videos and recordings of mystery shops to be done directly through the phone app.

About Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence

Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence has replaced the un-actionable, static data of written mystery shopping with covert video data that is affordable for all industries. The company has built the world's first reporting platform that deeply integrates covert video with collaborative reporting that is easy to understand and quickly delivers the results the company decision makers need. Eagle Eye’s own proprietary Talon Video Mystery Shopping Software is available to clients via mobile, tablet and laptop to give quick and easy access to mystery shopper data. Its customers include convenience stores, grocery stores, clothing retailers and high-end service retailers. For additional information on Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence, visit