Insure Your Future - Income and Asset Protection Solutions

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Insure Your Future - Income and Asset Protection Solutions

By Lynette Carrington

The future is never certain. Protecting your assets and income stream are vitally important for your well-being and the future of your family and love ones, but often times, people don’t stop to think about “what if?” That “what if” could come in the form of a devastating auto accident or an unforeseen illness. Disability Income, Life and Long Term Care Advisor René Apack can help you navigate uncertainty with a portfolio of financial products that will ensure that you and your family have all your bases covered in the event of an accident or long-term or permanent disability.

Apack had an illustrious career in women’s clothing and shoes in Chicago. At one point he had five stores and his company was considered one of the fastest growing companies in the United States based on Inc. Magazine top 500 companies’ rankings. “I wanted to give that all up to be a parent,” says Apack. He cherished his renewed time with his family and then eventually shifted gears. “Now, this is my passion. I like to help people. I started 17 years ago and was in insurance for long term care,” he says. “I soon discovered the problem of long term care and someone being ill who needs to be taken care of. Medical insurance doesn’t cover that.” That issue really hit home when his wife at the time was diagnosed with dementia at age 53. That diagnosis personally revealed to Apack how disability needs to be addressed before an incident occurs.

Often times, the thought of long term care or permanent disability doesn’t cross someone’s mind until it is too late. Or, some people think that health insurance covers disability, which it does not. “When it’s too late, someone asks, ‘Why didn’t anybody tell me about this? And who do I turn to now?’” explains Apack. It can be a devastating situation, but it can be made workable if the right kind of insurance is put into place before something happens.

“When someone approached me to inquire about this type of insurance, I ask questions to understand about their health, I look at their income level and their assets level and I show them all that is available to them,” states Apack. “Many people are missing the fact that their whole lifestyle is based on the ability to earn. So the question that I ask is, ‘Let’s say you had a printing machine in your basement that printed you a check for $6,000 a month. Would you insure that machine?’” He says that in a way, many people live in denial that nothing bad will happen to them. Where health insurance and life insurance certainly have their benefits and their place, essentially disability insurance ensures that income will continue to come for you in the event of short term or catastrophic (permanent) disability.

Disability insurance is THE MOST important POLICY to have; it’s as simple as that. If you do not have an income flow, how will you go on with your lifestyle and payments to all other insurance policies? “Financially, you will never win by waiting,” says Apack. “Now is the time to get that insurance that will give you and your family peace of mind and put into place an income for you in the event of disability.”

“Disability insurance is typically one to three percent of somebody’s income, depending on the options that they want,” explains Apack. “What I do I suggest for someone that doesn’t have anything? Just get basic coverage. Disability insurance is the No. 1 insurance that you need.” Let Apack help you secure your future income and protect your valuable assets with customized disability coverage that is designed to protect you and your family.

For additional information on how you can protect and secure your future, visit, call René Apack at (480) 406-3564.