Rene Apack with Insure Your Future Income & Asset Protection

By Lynette Carrington

Rene Apack with Insure Your Future Income & Asset Protection

Now that the fever from the $1.6 billion lottery jackpot has settled down, you’ve probably realized that your odds of winning were remote, at best. The odds of winning that recent lottery were a staggering 1-in-292 million! What’s even crazier to think about is that your odds are 1-in-4 that you will need long-term disability care at some point during your lifetime! What does this mean for you?

Disability insurance isn’t something that you may have considered, or perhaps you’ve never even heard of it. But, it is of paramount importance to consider what you or your family would do for income if you were unable to work for a lengthy period of time. Would you have enough money? Would you burn through all of your savings and 401K? What would you do if you were permanently disabled and needing long-term care? You can erase the doubt to these questions by protecting your assets with disability insurance.Agent René Apack of Insure Your Future can help save you or your family from financial disaster.

One call to Apack will allow you to see how protecting your assets and income should be of primary importance to you, regardless of your age or current state of health. After all, long term disability can be the result of an illness or a sudden accident. There is value and peace-of-mind in being prepared. Apack says, “Disability insurance is more affordable than you might think. When you think about losing your ability to earn an income, it is reassuring to know that a simple policy put into place right now can protect you and your family.”

“Disability insurance is typically one to three percent of somebody’s income, depending on the options that they want,” explains Apack. “What do I suggest for someone that doesn’t have anything? Just get basic coverage. Disability insurance is the No. 1 insurance that you need.” Let Apack help you secure your future income and protect your valuable assets with customized disability coverage that is designed to financially protect you and your family.

For additional information on how you can protect and secure your future, or to make an appointment to learn more, visit or, or call René Apack at (847) 917-4870.