The Hormone Zone-Your Hormone Solutions for Life

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The Hormone Zone-Your Hormone Solutions for Life

There can be many culprits to some unfortunate medical issues such as weight gain, fatigue, memory problems, mood swings, loss of libido and the inability to sleep. Although proper diet and exercise are always a help, sometimes skilled intervention by a doctor can pinpoint specific areas such as various hormonal imbalances that when addressed, are the true key to improved health and true life change. Owner of the medical practice The Hormone Zone, John A. Robinson NMD, an expert in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and Thyroid Disease, offers a more patient-centric approach while addressing a fuller scope of treatments.

Sometimes what appears to be a simple hormonal imbalance may actually be an issue with the thyroid gland, the adrenal gland or blood sugar imbalance. In deeply exploring all hormonal imbalances and bringing the body back to a state of balance, Dr. Robinson wrote “The Hormone Zone,” a book that addresses his overall approach to hormonal balance. “I initially wrote the book for my thyroid patients,” he explains. “But, ultimately, I wound up incorporating all of the areas of hormone and health imbalance into the book.” “The Hormone Zone” is a 500 page tome that incorporates years of Dr. Robinson’s experience and imparts medical practicality that addresses the various areas of hormonal imbalance that can occur in the human body.

For potential patients who suspect that they have some health issues that may fall into these areas of imbalance, getting started with The Hormone Zone is easy. All it takes to find out what Dr. Robinson can do for you is to call and speak with your New Patient Coordinator. You will be expertly guided about your unique needs before even seeing the doctor. Blood work will be ordered and you will be scheduled, and the doctor has an idea of what to do for you right away. The goal of your appointment will be to expertly determine your unique needs and provide swift action and results.

Dr. Robinson performs a specialized test for thyroid function called the ThyroFlex, a device that measures reflex speed, a known corollary with thyroid and metabolic function. Additionally, he uses a device that directly measures metabolic rate, called the ReeVue. From these various testing results, thyroid and metabolic imbalances will be pinpointed and a course of treatment can be planned. These two instruments help to find thyroid disease where traditional blood tests fall short. But it also determines metabolic rate and helps to guide nutritional and weight loss goals.

For sex hormone imbalances such as low testosterone or low estrogen, a primary treatment used is subcutaneous hormone “pellets” which are placed just under the skin. The pellets then deliver a consistent amount of hormones that are otherwise naturally lacking in a patient’s system. Dr. Robinson explains, “Ultimately, hormone pellets are being done all over the world and now, especially in the last 10 years all over the United States,” Dr. Robinson trained at one of the top medical practices for subcutaneous hormone pellets and has nearly a decade of experience treating thousands of patients with this method. But comprehensive hormone balance goes well beyond subcutaneous hormone pellets, being only a piece to hormone puzzle. In determining if subcutaneous hormone pellet therapy is right for you or if there is another bioidentical hormone delivery method (oral, cream, or injection) that might work instead, it is a great idea to get in for a consultation and see just how Dr. Robinson can pinpoint hormonal deficiencies, set a course of treatment, and expertly address your specific health needs.

Dr. Robinson shares his medical practice at The Hormone Zone with his wife, Cristina Romero-Bosch NMD, a Yale-trained Naturopathic Medical Doctor and also an expert in hormonal and metabolic imbalances. Issues that are addressed by both doctors include sex hormone imbalance such as menopause and male low testosterone, thyroid imbalance, adrenal and stress management, insulin and blood sugar control, and growth hormone deficiencies. “Those are the five anti-aging systems that both of us handle and we offer an alternative perspective that actually provides the answers and results patients are seeking.” says Dr. Robinson.

“What my wife and I discovered is that there is more to hormonal imbalance than only considering the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone,” Dr. Robinson continues, “What happens when you say the word ‘hormones’ to a women or man - they think estrogen or testosterone, but there’s so many other things to consider. Our approach to considering and balancing all of your hormones is complete and comprehensive, with the ultimate goal of optimizing health for real transformation and ultimate life performance.”

Dr. Robinson seeks to develop an open and positive relationship with all of his patients and takes the time to get to know them and understand their health concerns. “It’s about the health issues, but it’s also about saying ‘hello’ and hearing their story. It should be the patient first. Then it’s medicine and then it’s business,” states Dr. Robinson, “But in the beginning, it’s all about the patient and I need to get to know them.” He is entirely devoted to the patient at hand and does not want them to feel rushed.

“People are looking for answers to their health questions. They know there is an answer out there and maybe they’re not getting it from their conventional doctor and I have answers,” Dr. Robinson explains, “I care and I dare to answer those questions for them. I do it for the sake of the patient.”

The Hormone Zone is a cutting-edge medical facility where those on the path to optimal health and wellness, and personal development are celebrated. For additional information, visit or call (480) 338-8070 to set up your appointment today. The Hormone Zone Office is located at 9377 East Bell Road, Suite 361, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260.