's Latest Restaurant is UnPHOgettable!

By Admin's Latest Restaurant is UnPHOgettable!

By Lynette Carrington

UnPHOgettable is on the very short list of “must try” restaurants in the East Valley. The inviting and spacious Vietnamese restaurant offers much more than food-it offers an experience. Owner Chan Tieu has incorporated the finest, healthiest and freshest ingredients into the family-owned and operated restaurant’s menu. If you haven’t tried Vietnamese food or it has been awhile, it’s time to taste what you’ve been missing.

The cuisine at UnPHOgettable centers around pho (pronounced “fuh”), a tasty and high quality soup broth that is then highlighted with a variety of fresh vegetables, noodles and lean meat. Each batch of pho broth takes about 26 hours to prepare and is made from scratch in the UnPHOgettable kitchen. One of the most popular pho dishes is Pho Tai, Chin that boasts lean rare steak and tender well-done brisket with noodles and veggies. Tieu and his family have taken great pride in offering the most authentic Vietnamese cuisine at reasonable prices. The menu is extensive and you’ll need to stop in at least a dozen or more times to try everything that this exceptional restaurant has to offer, plus there are many gluten-free and vegetarian menu options available.

UnPHOgettable is offering members a 15% discount off the total bill. Guests at the restaurant will be pleasantly surprised to see just how healthy and affordable UnPHOgettable is!

UnPHOgettable serves up Vietnamese cuisine representing every region of Vietnam making it a treat for regular visitors and new diners alike. “For first-timers, I usually go through the whole menu with them,” says Tieu. “I think consumers today are a lot smarter and they want to know more about the foods they eat. They have inquiring minds. Once I explain what we have to offer, where food originated from and once they understand it, they enjoy the food more.”

In addition to wings and Vietnamese egg rolls there are four types of appetizers that that represent the seasons-spring, summer, autumn and winter. The four different season rolls can be ordered separately or together. Each roll appetizer has a delicious combination of fresh vegetables and meats that are all tucked inside of fresh rice paper rolls, making these selections a complete departure from what diners might find at other restaurants.

On top of the outstanding pho and appetizers, diners will find pork and chicken-based rice and egg noodle soups, regional specialty noodle soups, rice vermicelli salads, steamed rice selections, vegetarian and gluten-free entrees and a generous selection of traditional Vietnamese desserts and beverages, plus a kids menu (dine-in only). Here is an insider’s tip from simply will not find a better fried rice anywhere in the Valley, so be sure to try it on your next visit.

Owner Chan Tieu has had quite a journey that has led him to where he is today. He fled Vietnam when he was only 11. He and his family members were adrift at sea for months, boarded by pirates four times, towed out to sea by a foreign government to be abandoned, landed on an uninhabited island and were eventually saved by the U.N. after their boat sunk. After coming to the U.S. Tieu lived in Pennsylvania until he moved to Arizona. He opened UnPHOgettable in 2008 to compliment another UnPHOgettable he owns in Virginia Beach that is run by other members of Tieu’s family. We’re certain that the short version of this story in and of itself warrants a book and a movie but Chan Tieu and his wife Quyen can be found at UnPHOgettable running the restaurant in such a way that makes other restaurants envious.

“This October, we’re going into our eighth year,” Tieu says of UnPHOgettable. Having a successful restaurant for that length of time is quite an accomplishment

accomplishment and the owner gives a lot of that credit to his staff and the attention to service and details in every area at UnPHOgettable.“It’s a hard business to run and we’re challenged in many different areas,” Tieu adds. “But we’ve found our edge.”

At UnPHOgettable, guests will receive a delicious and healthy meal, plus they’ll get the back story on the food itself. With each dish, Chan and the staff are happy to describe the ingredients, how to combine them with other dishes and the history and importance of the dishes in the Vietnamese culture. Come and experience the flavors and unique cuisine of Vietnam at UnPHOgettable through

UnPHOgettable is located at 66 S. Dobson Rd., #138, Mesa. Visit or call (480) 835-2298 for additional information.