Market Street Kitchen rolls out Refreshing Summer Menu

By Lynette Carrington

Market Street Kitchen rolls out Refreshing Summer Menu

Market Street Kitchen rolls out Refreshing Summer Menu

Market Street Kitchen is worth a trip from anywhere in the Valley. The food is outstanding, creatively orchestrated, and you can feel the pride radiating from the kitchen. The new summer offerings include a wide variety of lunch and dinner items and a whole pack of creative cocktails. During a recent media dinner, got the chance to test drive everything that was new on the Market Street Kitchen menu.

New Lunch Selections

As you read through this tantalizing lunch menu item list, keep in mind that yes, I ate every single one of these items, albeit in small amounts. I will always happily “take one for the team” to let our readers know what is new and exciting. Here are the new lunch selections:

Steamed Littleneck Clams-Pulled pork, fennel, leaks, white wine/herb broth and a sea salt baguette

Popcorn Shrimp-Wild red shrimp, sweet heat aioli

Prosciutto and Melon Salad-Grilled cantaloupe, burrata, prosciutto, balsamic dressing

Dungeness Crab Salad-Iceberg lettuce, tomato, egg, cucumber, cornichons, Dungeness crab, lemon vinaigrette dressing

Grilled Cheese and Ham-Cheddar, pepper jack and caramelized onion, served with tomato bisque

Tempura Shrimp Po’ Boy-Succulent shrimp, sriracha ranch, cider slaw, tomato

Dagwood Club-Smoked turkey, rosemary ham, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, dijonaise

The popcorn shrimp were far and away my favorite selection on the summer menu. I distinctly remember saying I “wanted to take a bath in these,” and something about “ordering a bucket of this shrimp” upon my next visit. Well, I didn’t have to wait long as three days later I was back for lunch at Market Street Kitchen. Although no bath was involved, I did indeed enjoy this tantalizing dish that is equal parts slightly sweet and slightly spicy. The shrimp quality is simply exceptional.

The summer salads are certainly fit to be a light meal and won’t leave you feeling weighed down or stuffed. Of particular note, the lemon vinaigrette dressing on the Dungeness crab salad was a delight! If you are an old school grilled cheese/tomato soup aficionado, don’t miss the Market Street Kitchen interpretation. It will leave you with a grown-up’s appreciation of this childhood favorite with the grilled cheese and ham/tomato bisque version.

New Dinner Selections

The dinner menu at Market Street Kitchen is vast- beef, pork, chicken, fish, shellfish and more. Each entrée is designed to delight and engage the diner with complimentary flavors and a variety of textures. Some of the summer lunch menu items are repeated or re-invented on the dinner menu. Popcornshrimp-I’m looking at you! In case you miss popcorn shrimp at lunch, don’t miss it at dinner. It’s fabulous!

Steak Tartar-Forest Mushrooms, egg, onions, white anchovy, greens, Dijon, crostini

Steamed Littleneck Clams-Artichokes, leeks, prosciutto, Chablis/herb broth, sea salt baguette

Popcorn Shrimp-Wild red shrimp, sweet heat aioli,

Prosciutto and Melon Salad- Grilled cantaloupe, burrata, prosciutto, balsamic dressing

Hokkaido Diver Scallops-Scallops, bacon, poblano-corn potato hash, avocado crema

Scottish Salmon-Asparagus risotto, forest mushrooms, butter

Rotisserie Prime Rib-Roasted garlic mash, carrots, green beans, au jus

8-oz. Filet-Fingerling potatoes, wild mushrooms, roasted shallots, demi-glace

Summer Seafood Boil-Dungeness crab, clams, cod, salmon, corn, baby potatoes, tomato-saffron broth

If you have a hankering for a traditional style N’awlins feast, the summer seafood boil will not disappoint. In fact, it includes enough seafood for a table to enjoy and the freshness will impress. The steaed littleneck clams make another appearance on the dinner menu, although this time, with artichokes and leaks. Plus the Chablis/herb broth is just as tasty as the clams.

My favorite dish was the Scottish salmon. The salmon was just ever-so-slightly crisped on the outside and absolutely tender, flakey and flavorful. The small forest mushrooms were a delight, and the asparagus risotto was on point! The rotisserie prime rib was also exceptional. But be warned, it’s a large cut, so you may want to share.

Finally, with the room that I didn’t have left in my tummy, I yielded to the house made cheesecake. It was accompanied by a cluster of grapes. After taking a bite of cheesecake, our group was advised to pop a grape right after it to bring out the surprise flavors of the cheesecake. Trust me, this is one dessert you don’t want to miss. This cheesecake will impress New Yorkers and Arizonans alike.

Summer Cocktails

A summer cocktail in Arizona is a must! Market Street Kitchen has stepped up to the plate to create a fun, delicious and refreshing assortment of drinks that are as beautiful as they are refreshing. Here’s the recap:

TAF-Hamilton Demerara Rum, amara, banana, and lime.

Like Strawberry Wine-Jammy, strawberry gin, lemon, rhubarb, apertivo blend, topo chico

Oaxacan Astronaut-mescal, lime, passion fruit, apertivo, melon

Inigo Montoya’s G&T- Peppercorns, berries, twist, thyme

The Drunken Gardner-Cucumber vodka, celery bitters, sweet pear syrup, lemon, Pimm’s float

A Frenchman, an Italian and a Guyanese walk into a Bar- Cognac, Demerara rum, brovo spearmint, fernet, simple soda

What we discovered-Each of these cool summer cocktails is different, and regardless of what you like to drink, you will find the cocktail that suits you. I personally liked the Like Strawberry Wine cocktail the best because it personified summer and was light and refreshing. On the opposite end of the taste spectrum was the Oaxacan Astronaut. It won points for its fun name, but the smoky flavor of the mescal made this almost a signature Arizona drink. The undertones of passion fruit and melon made this cocktail equally refreshing, but with a smoky kick. Also, don’t miss the house made hibiscus soda. It is only slightly sweet, but with a pucker tang that is just fabulous for summer.

Market Street Kitchen is located at 20825 N. Pima Rd. Scottsdale. Visit or call (480) 278-7044 for additional information.