Modern Grove Views at Dolphinaris

By Lynette Carrington

Modern Grove Views at Dolphinaris

Modern Grove Views at Dolphinaris

There are two very special things about Modern Grove Views – the food and of course, the views! Modern Grove Views is perched above the dolphin habitat at Dolphinaris in Scottsdale. You’ll enjoy wonderful food and you’ll get to see what is going on with the happy group of eight dolphins at Dolphinaris.

The menu includes a tempting assortment of starters, sandwiches, salads, signature entrees, flatbreads and desserts. recently paid a visit to Modern Grove Views and discovered how fun lunch-with-a-view could be!

Since Modern Grove Views is overlooking the waters of Dolphinaris, immediately I wanted a lunch cocktail. I chose the appropriately named, Aqua Surf with pineapple, orange, banana liqueur and Malibu Rum. Talk about a perfect noon cocktail! It was equal parts refreshing and beautiful. Other drinks you may want to sip on include the honeydew margarita or the peach donkey. Of particular note; cocktail, wine and beer prices are incredibly reasonable.

Trying to decide what to choose for lunch was no easy task. Although I was definitely in the mood for the Hawaiian flatbread, something very interesting on the menu caught my eye; the Elvis Burger. It garnered my attention for the name, but locked me in with its unique take on a traditional burger. This incarnation included Swiss cheese, thick-cut peppered bacon, cranberry habañero jam and peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter. Modern Grove Views has really stepped up to the plate with a fun, unexpected and delicious twist on a typical burger. Everyone should try this burger at least once. But, be warned, much like Elvis in his later years, it’s quite large!

I needed some greens, so I opted for a side order of slightly charred Brussels sprouts and baby cauliflower kissed with a lemon dijonnaise and parmesan drizzle. This delicious side dish made me feel less guilty about eating a burger. The dish was cooked to perfection without being overdone, and I would certainly have this next time I visit.

I simply didn’t have room for dessert, since I overdid it with Elvis. Next time I will make room for the chef puddin’ seasonal bread pudding, or the banana donut holes.


Because Modern Grove Views thought of everything, they also run Docktails. Docktails is the food and beverage spot located habitat-side at Dolphinaris in the Beach Club section. You’ll enjoy the same high quality noshes as Views Modern Grove and it’s

a great place to relax, have a lemonade, cocktails or a family lunch.

It was almost dinner time, so the crew dove into an ice cold lemonade and an outstanding honeydew margarita while we watched groups of guests playing with the Dolphinaris dolphins. We also got the chance to try the green chile pork street tacos. They were fabulously tasty, succulent and with just an ever-so-slight kick of heat. Eating this style of taco is satisfying without leaving your stuffed.

There is nowhere else in the Valley where you can enjoy a fabulous meal and get one-of-a-kind views and vistas. If you have someone participating in a Dolphinaris experience, you can stop in and watch at Modern Grove Views or Docktails, with a minimum food or beverage purchase of $15.

Modern Grove Views is located at 9500 E. Via de Ventura in Scottsdale. Visit for more information, or call (480) 291-6577.