MyTopMatchMaker Helps to Make the Right Love Match

By Lynette Carrington

MyTopMatchMaker Helps to Make the Right Love Match

MyTopMatchMaker Helps to Make the Right Love Match

The game of love is one filled with strategy, highs, lows and a roll of the dice. If you or someone you know is in the dating pool, it can be filled with uncertainty and ultimately, disappointment. Why not take a proactive approach and let the experts at MyTopMatchMaker find someone who is truly who they say they are and just might be “the one?” MyTopMatchMaker is designed to take much of the guesswork out of finding a date who matches to your personal interests and relationship goals.

Owner of MyTopMatchMaker, Karen Stein has been matchmaking for decades. She hails from New York and after spending some time as a talent agency owner in Florida, has brought her keen sense of intuition and personality instincts to MyTopMatchMaker in Scottsdale. In fact, she got her earliest interest in matchmaking when she set up her childhood friend with the man she eventually married.

The service that Karen offers through MyTopMatchMaker saves her clients the time, energy, disappointment and emotional ups and downs that often accompany online dating. Online dating is well in to its second decade and has literally become a crap shoot in trying to find a compatible mate. In fact, Karen noted that 80 percent of all online dating profiles are either fake or contain material falsehoods. With a statistic like that, no wonder there are so many nightmarish online dating stories!

When a client comes to Karen through special events, word of mouth, friends or other sources, that person then meets with her to conduct an in-depth, two hour complimentary interview. Co-owner Robert Stein explains, “We do background checks, we do a drug test. Online dating 10 years ago was wonderful, but it’s become the wild, wild West! Karen keeps everything safe, sane and gets people dating.” Karen adds, “Dating should really be safe and everyone coming here should be open to relationships.” For example, if someone is in the middle of a very challenging life experience or going through a divorce, that would not be someone that she would bring into MyTopMatchMaker for the very fact that there would be drama present and it would be too early to have that person getting involved in another relationship. “I know when they’re ready and when they’re not,” states Karen.

Once she gets to know a client, what they are looking for and their relationship goals, she discusses very down-to-earth expectations and what dating will look like in the beginning. “It’s my intuition and my experience,” Karen says of her keen matchmaking abilities. “First, I do a blind date, so there are no pictures at all,” Karen explains of the preliminary arranged date with MyTopMatchMaker. A client can always work with MyTopMatchMaker’s concierge service and get pointers about what to say and what to do during that first date. In fact, Karen will even happily take her male or female clients shopping for the perfect first date night outfit!

“I send them to a restaurant and they go by first names only,” states Karen. Restaurants are chosen strategically so that they are convenient to the dating couple and are quiet, to give the two a chance to talk. Phone numbers are not exchanged, either. By keeping with first names, no other contact information and no exchange of social networking information, a relationship has a chance to bloom naturally. What happens next is where the relationship starts to take shape.

Once a couple goes on a first date, they return home and the next phase starts. “They write me feedback about how the first date was,” explains Karen.“We really learn a lot about them at that point because people tell you so much during this process,” adds Robert. “We get the male’s feedback about the female, but we also get the female’s feedback about the male.” Then Karen tweaks and fine tunes to really find the right person.”

“If the first date is good, then I’ll send them on a different kind of a date,” Karen says. “The second date is a little more interactive. It could be TopGolf. It could be FilmBar, a museum or something where they can interact a little bit more. Again they go home and write feedback.” If all goes well during the second date, the couple goes off on their own for a third date for what Karen calls an “off-network” date and typically a relationship is in the works. “If at any time it doesn’t work out, they can always come back to me,” Karen explains.

“I’ve been doing this all my life, whether it is in the talent business or this business. I’m always dealing with people and interviewing them in all different areas. I get to know them in a raw and real way,” explains Karen.

“I don’t just send people out to send them out,” Karen states. “It takes time and they have to be patient.” In offering her services through MyTopMatchmaker, she helps to take a lot of the guesswork, hassle and games out of dating by expertly matching people who have similar interests and relationship goals. While she is always on the lookout of professionals and like-minded people who would be an asset to MyTopMatchmaker, Karen loves to be able to make a love connection between those that she brings together, and she does everything she can to ensure a wonderful match.

To find out more about how MyTopMatchMaker can get you on the right track into a positive dating experience, visit or call Karen Stein directly at (602) 616-0026.