NAK Productions and “The Business Selfie.”

By By Lynette Carringto

NAK Productions and “The Business Selfie.”

One of the main services offered by NAK Productions is what is known as “The Business Selfie.” It is a brief signature-style video that showcases a business owner or business in a 30 second video that encourages viewers to learn more or become more engaged with a person or business. Because the video is 30 seconds in length, the message has to make an impact quickly.

Owner of NAK Productions, Nathan Kinkel explains what a business owner should say on camera. “They need to introduce themselves, keeping in mind that viewers have never met them before,” Kinkel explains. “Viewers want to know why you do what you do. I got into video because I love people and I want to see them succeed with my service. Viewers want to know how I am solving their problem. The problem is that professional video is too expensive and takes too long to produce. The solution is that The Business Selfie is filmed in just two hours and then you have a professional video done and on the right platforms in just 24 hours.

Videos should also include information other than contact information and about the owner’s position. “They need share why they do it,” says Kinkel. “Of course it should be more than just about making money. It should be about what drives them. I do video because I see much potential in what it does for a person and ultimately, their business.”

If someone doing a Business Selfie is unsure of being on camera, Kinkel can help them every step of the way. “First of all, video is fun! This takes 20 minutes and is done in your own business environment, so it should be relaxing. The camera never stops recording and we start from square one,” he notes.

After someone introduces themselves in a video, Kinkel likes to show what makes them and their business unique. He explains, “I love coffee in the morning, I have coffee mug collection, and I’ll show that on camera. I love putting people on video so they can talk about their unique business.”

Kinkel continues, “In the story style video, I interview the client. In the business card video, they are looking in the camera at the viewers. I find out if they are spontaneous and can just say it. Or if they need additional help or a teleprompter with a script, I help with that, too. Everyone is different and we can even film it in phrases if we have to. I create a very warm and inviting atmosphere for them. The biggest misconception in video is that it is live and they need to get it right the first time with no editing. Sometime the last take is the best, sometimes it’s the first and it all happens in 20 minutes.”

NAK Productions also offers wedding videography, drone videography and a wide range of video services. “The influence that video has on your company is considerable. Many people still think of it as a luxury. But the more engagement you have with people right from the start, the more successful you will be,” finishes Kinkel.

Kinkel works throughout the Valley and Arizona. To contact NAK Productions, call (602) 717-2768 or visit for additional information and rates.