NAK Productions Provides the ‘Business Selfie’

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NAK Productions Provides the ‘Business Selfie’

By Lynette Carrington

There is no doubt about it - video is king! When it comes to creative content for your website or compelling messages for your business and your social networking channels, nothing can tell a story or convey meaning quite the way a polished and professional video can. What would you say about your business, your special event or even yourself on video that would entice potential clients and engage existing clients? Owner of NAK Productions, Nathan Kinkel is a talented videographer and creative mind who has been in the business for nearly 25 years and assists business owners in orchestrating, improving and elevating their business message through video.

Through NAK Productions, Kinkel provides a wide range of video-based services for businesses and special events. A decade ago, a photo would have been a great business asset, but now, video is the most coveted marketing tool. In fact, Kinkel points out that he actually gets more hits on his Facebook videos than he does his YouTube videos! Videos are everywhere and they are valuable. Why not harness that unique value and use it to the advantage of your business?

One particular service that NAK Productions offers is a brief signature-style video called the “business selfie.” The business selfie is meant to showcase a business owner or business in a 30 second video that encourages viewers to learn more or become more engaged with a person or business. “I really focus on local business owners,” says Kinkel. “Sometimes a business owner may not know what they want to do. That’s where I come in.”

“I do a signature video that comes in three forms,” Kinkel continues. “People can choose from a business card video, a client testimonial or a story-telling video and they all start at the same price.” The style a business owner chooses depends on the message they want to convey and to what audience. Many times, the 30 second business selfie video is embedded right within an email signature, which lends insight and much more information than just a static line of words. Think about those who might receive your email with a business selfie – they will immediately know more about you, see your personality and how you convey yourself in person. “Basically, the email recipient will get to know you on their own time,” adds Kinkel. Any of these three styles of videos can also be included on a company website, YouTube channel or on any of the social networking outlets a business uses.

For any of the signature style videos, Kinkel will assist with the scripting to help streamline the video message and to get the most important points included in the 30 second video. If someone is more comfortable reading from a teleprompter, that device can be incorporated, too.

A typical signature video that is 30 seconds in length is shot over the course of two hours at the client’s chosen site; usually at the business location or corporate office. “A 30 second video can be edited and completed the same day,” remarks Kinkel. The process takes a total of about eight hours on Kinkel’s part. He edits the video and adds graphics and a logo. Animation can also be incorporated at an additional charge. “Once the video is complete, I set up an appointment to get that video put into their email signature. They can do it by themselves if they like, but usually my clients like help. Within two minutes I can get that incorporated,” Kinkel says. He is also happy to install the video in other select places at the client’s request in order to save them the time and hassle of figuring it out how to do it on their own.

In yet another service, NAK Production also offers drone videography, perfect for marketing houses, showcasing hotel or resort properties or even coverage of larger weddings or special events.

“The influence that video has on your company is considerable. Many people still think of it as a luxury. But the more engagement you have with people right from the start, the more successful you will be,” finishes Kinkel.

Kinkel works throughout the Valley and Arizona. To contact NAK Productions, call (602) 717-2768 or visit for additional information and rates.