NAK Productions Video Production

By Lynette Carrington

NAK Productions Video Production

There is no debating it – video content is incredibly valuable when it comes to marketing a business. From YouTube videos and tutorials to testimonials and advertising, there are many ways video can be utilized to market and promote goods and services. With the dawn of drone usage in capturing footage that can be used for your own business, consider the expert advice from master videographer Nathan Kinkel, owner of NAK Productions.

Kinkel explains, “Anytime I get an opportunity to shoot an event, I’ll fly the drone over the venue. Or, if I’m doing a business selfie for someone, I’ll fly the drone around the building if I can. I can also shoot a promo video at a venue where an event is taking place.”By incorporating drone footage, the aerial perspective adds a broad and rich element to any marketing message. Real estate property and home sales marketing are two popular areas that benefit immensely from using drone footage because it reveals the bigger picture.

There are other types of events and businesses that also benefit from drone usage. “I did an award show and flew a drone over the golf course for an intro shot to the video,” Kinkel says. “I once used it to promote a fundraiser at Indian Steele Park, so I shot a sunrise and put the graphics of the event on it. Another time, I flew it over a home to show the farm land and vegetation that it provided for kids and I offer drone footage to companies that have remodeled their buildings. I had a real estate agent who didn’t want footage of homes, but of the surrounding area, so I flew over the Fountain Hills fountain at 6 a.m. in the morning to catch the sunrise, then Echo Canyon and Mummy Mountain at sunset.” The aerial look gives a polished and unique perspective to a business or geographic area.

Drones have been receiving a lot of attention in the media in the past few years because they are being utilized in so many ways. Business owners are embracing drone footage because it is beautiful and helps tell a visual story. “They love how clean, smooth and epic it is,” states Kinkel. “But some business owners only see the real purpose for real estate. I then show them how I use it and they can then see the value. I’m a videographer, so I use it everywhere. I always tell my clients about rules and no-flight zones. I’m a licensed pilot now with the FAA, so I hold strict to the administration’s rules.”

In addition to being a videographer, Kinkel is a movie fan, which increases his appreciation of drone usage. He explains, “Only in the movies, television and on the news was I used to seeing aerial video taken only from helicopters and planes. It meant power, money, success, progress, fame, fortune, royalty and everything big and epic. Now that aerial perspective is available to local business. That view ties together the whole package, and it helps any business look successful.”

As with any kind of current technology, it is always changing. “The most important thing to understand about drones, is how prepared I am as the pilot,” Kinkel says. “Drone batteries only last 10 minutes and my card space is only 10 minutes. My remote has to be charged, and the Wi-Fi receiver has to be charged. My drone has a built-in camera and its own Wi-Fi, which can be flown up to a quarter mile away. It has to be calibrated with the satellite to find where I am physically standing, so that if it loses connection it will come back to me automatically. It has an app with viewfinder so I can see what I’m shooting with an iPad or iPhone. It tells me altitude, speed, and distance, with a compass of direction.” Kinkel continues, “If it loses sight of the remote for about five seconds it will turn around and come back. If the battery starts dying, it does the same thing. The drone itself does well with the wind too, and it takes more power in wind. I have to be aware of trees and power lines around the area before taking off, so I know how high the drone needs to be. My iPad or iPhone needs to be charged or it dies and then I’m left literally wondering where the drone is. It is nice to allow clients to guide me exactly how they want things shot. They love how steady and smooth it is. Just like the business selfie, I have the completed drone footage within the hour. I can also take pictures with it.”

Drones take practice and Kinkel has spent much time perfecting his drone usage. Kinkel finishes, “I have to be careful. This thing has four weed eater blades on it!”

Kinkel works throughout the Valley and Arizona. To contact NAK Productions, call (602) 717-2768 or visit for additional information and rates.