NAK Productions Video Production

By Lynette Carrington

NAK Productions Video Production

When you need to make your business shine on video, look no further than NAK Productions. Owner of NAK Productions, Nathan Kinkel has taken the business of making videos and gotten the process down to a science. Most frequently, NAK Productions helps businesses by creating a “business selfie” that showcases the goods, services and personality of a business or business owner in video form. Kinkel has made the process of creating a focused marketing video for a business a snap!

Kinkel explains, “I have tracked it to 20 minutes, and this includes setup. I take 10 minutes to setup, and 10 minutes to shoot it twice. I also shoot them in action during that time, too, for a total shoot time of 30 minutes.” If someone needs help with scripting their business or personal business profile video, Kinkel can also assist with that.

In his ongoing efforts to save his clients time and money on their video production efforts when it comes to marketing, Kinkel has the process down pat. “There is preproduction to do first,” Kinkel explains. “I start off by obtaining a high resolution version of the customer’s business logo and they must provide their LinkedIn, business Facebook page and email signature. Finally, I’ll send some questions ahead of the video shoot and ask for some family photos, general interests and activities outside of work.” Kinkel works directly with the business owner as they access their accounts and then he will add the new video in, creating a new way for business owners to engage with their clients.

The video set-up and shoot is done on-site at the client’s place of business. In total, the set-up and shoot lasts about 30 minutes. “When it’s all finished, I’ll upload that video to the client’s YouTube and Facebook and attach a link to their signature in their email and on LinkedIn,” states Kinkel. “Finally, I’ll share that video on 28 Facebook business pages.”

Kinkel continues, “If all the ducks are in a row, including editing and uploading, I’m out the door in 2 hours. The biggest problem that all of us media people face is finishing a simple video and having our clients’ attention on where we need to put it. If I’m not done with in 2 hrs, my clients will want to move on to other things, and then were playing tag for weeks. I work quickly for the benefit of my clients!” NAK Productions prides itself in making its clients look fantastic at a fraction of the cost of other video production companies.

With a thoughtful combination of pre-planning, quick work and a follow-up in putting his video work on client’s site, Kinkel has the “NAK” for outstanding video work and a great price. Kinkel works throughout the Valley and Arizona. To contact NAK Productions, call (602) 717-2768 or visit for additional information and rates.