NetworkingPhoenix Annual Event Is Overwhelming Success

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NetworkingPhoenix Annual Event Is Overwhelming Success

By Lynette Carrington held its large annual networking event on August 20 at the Chaparral Suites in Scottsdale. The event included more than 50 vendors and nearly 1,500 people who networked into the evening. Co-founder of Gelie Akhenblit has harnessed the power of tens of thousands of creative, savvy and entrepreneurial business minds with her company and brings the networking community together to make Arizona business bigger, better and brighter.

“This event was great because we were in a new venue, so there was great energy flow,” states Akhenblit. “It was a packed house, so there were many professionals meeting, putting together potential business deals, etc. It was fantastic!”

She continues, “The feedback from our vendors was great. Many expressed that they were able to pull business deals from the event and this is always one of our goals.” During the well-attended annual event attendees often find jobs, new clients, unique opportunities, suppliers and other good resources. “In addition to networking, many friendships are made at this event and during our monthly NetworkingPhoenix mixers,” adds Akhenblit.

For those that want a more involved and richer experience from their networking experience with there is a Networking Passport membership with a small monthly or money-saving annual fee. “Members can attend 40 or more events per month and get customized leads. So if someone was looking for chiropractors in the Scottsdale area, you can go in and select that online and then every time our system finds a match, they’ll get an email notification that there is someone that meets that specific criteria,” says Akhenblit. Weekly educational seminars are also provided for passport members as well as a service that will pair you up with a like-minded networking buddy so they can network with the ultimate confidence at a variety of events. is an extremely valuable resource that is helpful at any level of membership and with a helpful and knowledgeable co-founder and staff to assist members; it is no wonder that the company boasts a membership of more than 32,000 people!For additional information and to create a free NetworkingPhoenix account, visit Promo Video: