New Fall Menu at Kelly’s at SouthBridge Impresses

By Lynette Carrington

New Fall Menu at Kelly’s at SouthBridge Impresses

New Fall Menu at Kelly’s at SouthBridge Impresses

Kelly’s at SouthBridge in Old Town Scottsdale is always a great place to go to grab a craft cocktail, have a night out with friends or enjoy and romantic dinner with your partner. The fall menu includes selections that will speak to any of these occasions and the new items do not disappoint! paid a visit to Kelly’s at SouthBridge last week to see what was new for the season.


We kicked off our visit with a few cocktails. First up was a Pomarita boasting Roca Patron Pala, La Pinta Pomegranate, muddled lime, simple syrup and soda. The combination of pomegranate and lime makes for a refreshing and tangy cocktail. Next, we found another refreshing drink perfect for lunch or dinner – the Peartini. This cocktail includes Absolut Pear, elderflower, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and a splash of Mumm Napa Brut. Our vote for the best cocktail goes to the West Indie Howler, a cocktail inspired by the trade winds. The craft cocktails is a unique orchestration of Pyrat Rum, Aperol, pineapple juice, cardamom bitters, fresh lime juice and passionfruit syrup. Grab this cocktail before heading out to the beautiful patio at Kelly’s at SouthBridge and you might just think you’ve landed on a tropical island.


To start our meal, we chose the new Goat Cheese Bruschetta, which is an appetizer that is perfect for two or three people to share. We loved many things about this bruschetta. First, the bread itself is just slightly crispy, is substantial enough to support the toppings and to provide great flavor. The bruschetta is topped with a creamy goat cheese that imparts just a slight tang, and sun-dried tomatoes. It great to have a bruschetta that isn’t drippy or messy with ingredients. This bruschetta is a winner!

Another new menu item this fall is the Steak Cobb Salad. This hearty salad includes grilled steak, bacon, egg, avocado, tomatoes and bleu cheese crumbles drizzled with peppercorn ranch dressing. The steak is big enough to enjoy as a full lunch or dinner.


There are four new entrees on the fall menu at Kelly’s at SouthBridge and each one has its own appeal. First up was the Grilled Filet Mignon. The exceptional quality filet mignon is set atop a cloud of scrumptious garlic mashed potatoes and accompanied by broccolini, although we requested a side of seasonal squash, instead. The filet mignon is kissed with a touch of garlic butter, which fits the entrée’s flavor profile perfectly.

When visiting Kelly’s at SouthBridge, guests will discover a very approachable menu with something to appeal to everyone. Our server, Bella, is simply outstanding. We’ve had the pleasure of her service once in the past. She’s front-and-center in explaining anything on the menu, always has a smile and is there when she is needed. If all restaurants had a Bella, dining out would be a much friendlier experience every time. So, in addition to the food at Kelly’s at SouthBridge, we’re showing the love to its server, Bella.

Our favorite entrée was the pan roasted salmon. Our table agreed that that salmon filet was top notch – perfectly flaky, while being just slightly firm and complimented with a light sauce including mustard seed and capers topped with a fresh lemon. The combination of textures and flavors is outstanding on this dish and it is cooked to perfection. The salmon is served over slightly crisped red potatoes, which bring yet another level of texture and flavor to the dish. This entrée also includes broccolini.

Other new entrees this fall include the Pepperjack Burger with the spicy kick of pepperjack cheese, guacamole, lettuce and tomato. All the burgers at Kelly’s at SouthBridge include fries, house made chips or fried onion strings. The 6th Avenue Chicken Sandwich is also a nice addition to the Kelly’s menu. The Southwestern inspired chicken sandwich includes guacamole, Swiss cheese and jalapenos.


End your meal with a Kelly’s signature sweet – the Kelly’s Twinkie, featuring angel food cake and whipped crème anglaise, or the gourmet Doughnut Holes dusted in cinnamon sugar and served with honey and whipped cream. Heartier desserts include the Chocolate Flourless Cake with peanut butter mousse and the Nutella Cheese Cake.

No matter your outing, you will love the ambiance of Kelly’s at SouthBridge. Whether you enjoy the evening on the patio, live it up with friends in the bar or indulge in a quiet and romantic dinner on the restaurant side, you’ll find the experience you’re looking for at this established restaurant. Reservations are now available for holiday parties, too!

Kelly’s at SouthBridge is located at 7117 E. 6th Ave., Scottsdale. Visit or call (480) 393-3205 for additional information.