‘Insure Your Future’ Delivers Income and Asset Protection

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‘Insure Your Future’ Delivers Income and Asset Protection

By Lynette Carrington

Getting disability insurance is not something that most people have at the top of their to-do list, but it very well should be. In the event that that you or your partner become incapacitated or permanently disabled, a properly written disability policy from agent René Apack of agency Insure Your Future can help save you or your family from financial disaster. November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month and there is no better time than now to consider protecting your income and assets.

Disability insurance is the most important insurance policy to have - it’s as simple as that. If you do not have an income flow, how will you go on with your lifestyle and pay all of your other bills and financial commitments? “Financially, you will never win by waiting,” says Apack. “Now is the time to get that insurance that will give you and your family peace of mind and put into place an income for you in the event of disability.”

The proof is in the testimonials given by a few of Apack’s clients who have found that they needed to put in a claim on a policy after disability touched their lives. One client wrote:

“Raymond and I can’t thank you enough for selling us the long-term insurance. We’ve paid for it for 14 years and in 2006 Ray had his second stroke and was in a nursing home for a month and sent home to receive long-term care ever since. They have been wonderful to us. Ray is in a wheelchair, recliner or hospital bed all the time but he never complains. We are so blessed. It will be three years on February 4 of 2000 that we have been receiving care from company Genworth. Thank-you for being so kind.”

God’s Blessings,


Another client’s daughter wrote:

Thank-you for your kind note on a birthday card to my mother. You are unaware that she passed to heaven on December 31, 2010. Dad is using the benefits of his Genworth policy and has a live-in caregiver. Our whole family is in awe over the way this policy has cared for the bills. I personally thank you for helping him decide to purchase long- term care coverage.

Thank-you for your kindness,


“Disability insurance is typically one to three percent of somebody’s income, depending on the options that they want,” explains Apack. “What do I suggest for someone that doesn’t have anything? Just get basic coverage. Disability insurance is the No. 1 insurance that you need.” Let Apack help you secure your future income and protect your valuable assets with customized disability coverage that is designed to financially protect you and your family.

For additional information on how you can protect and secure your future, visit www.InsureYourFuture.com www.DisabilityInsuranceAdvisor.com, call René Apack at (847) 917-4870.