Orion Sol Consulting Poised to Make Stellar Impact

By Lynette Carrington

Orion Sol Consulting Poised to Make Stellar Impact

Orion Sol Consulting Poised to Make Stellar Impact in ALL Facets of Branding and Marketing

What do you get when the worlds of digital experts, collaborative consultants and talented artists and specialists collide? You get Orion Sol Consulting! Forest Moriarity is the founder of Orion Sol and he brings with him a wealth of marketing and PR know-how, along with a treasure chest of valuable consultants who have worked with the biggest and brightest corporations in the past several decades.

In the Beginning…

Moriarity has been an agency director and/or principle with some of the biggest marketing and PR agencies in Arizona and saw the strong opportunity to offer something comprehensive and valuable to businesses, organizations and professionals. Moriarity explains, “It basically boils down to that I have a vision for how I think we should work, and how we should treat our clients. Without being the owner of the company and not being the direction-giver, it’s hard to implement your vision when you’re just a part of the organization. In the past, I could be influential. But, to truly implement the culture of an organization, you have to start from scratch and instill your own vision. I wanted narrative control on how we’re doing things.”

Instilling a Vision

Moriarity’s vision includes other like-minded individuals that are client-centric and focused on delivering measurable results. With that in mind, Moriarty designed the company layout to best serve the unique needs of Orion Sol’s clients. “Most agencies are run with an owner, principle people, mid-level management and the executioners to do the work, and that staff is typically between the ages of 22 and 28. They have a degree in and particularly skilled in a certain area. That’s the model.” Moriarity continues, “What ends up happening is, if you’re a small or mid-size business and can’t afford $10-$20,000 a month for servicing, you’re not going to get great service and it won’t be the quality you’re looking for in an agency.”

“What I did was get people on my team; Grade-A, Fortune 500, top industry talent,” explains Moriarity. “I don’t want low-end, start-up, intern-level people. I have people that have been in the industry at least 10 years or more, that have worked for Fortune 500 companies, that have a great deal of quality level experience.” The people now working with Moriarity under the Orion Sol umbrella have worked for Intel, Jeep, Reebok, Nike, MCI and have done SEO for web.com.

“Everyone that works for us has worked for somebody big in the industry,” states Moriarity. “Even my PPC guy worked for Google. If you’re going to do PPC, having somebody that worked for Google is obviously a great hire!” All of Orion Sol’s consultants are business owners with their own LLC. Moriarity notes, “They operate either as their own small company, or as a freelancer.” As a result of the way Orion Sol is constructed and staffed, small and mid-size businesses can now afford top-notch services that they previously could not get elsewhere for a comparable price.” The monetary savings from not having massive business overhead is passed directly on to Orion Sol’s clients.


Services provided by Orion Sol include website design, pay-per-click management, social media marketing, SEO implementation, PR services and media relations, and email and direct mail marketing. Soon, small business accounting services will be available, too. “We’re building ourselves out with this approach - ‘You own a small business, and you need help with things that don’t have to do with the things you normally do,’” says Moriarity. As a small business owner, it’s important for that owner to be able to do what they do best, which is run their own business. Website design, advertising, public relations and SEO can best be taken on by professionals who do those services best as their own specialty business. By freeing up a business owner and manager’s time, they can then continue to grow and expand a business in their own vision, while leaving key marketing and PR components to other seasoned and well-respected professionals.

Business owners that would like to engage with Orion Sol are invited to learn more at www.orionsolconsulting.com or call (480) 766-3633. Orion Sol will set up a time to come in and consult within at your own office and strategize for the unique services dictated by the individual business.