Rising Phoenix SEO Takes the Guesswork Out of Website Optimization

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Rising Phoenix SEO Takes the Guesswork Out of Website Optimization

By Lynette Carrington

Nearly every kind of business needs a website. Even if it’s just a basic website, your Internet window to the world is important so that potential clients and other businesses can find your goods and services. But, you can have the most beautiful website full of stories, photos, a blog and customer testimonials, and unless Google can find you and rank your website for important search terms or “keywords,” your website is nothing more than a pretty car sitting on an abandoned road. To rev your website into high gear and get noticed and ranked by Google takes time and skilled know-how. Owner of Rising Phoenix SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and national SEO expert Justin Blake can assist any size of business in taking the guesswork out of how to get your website rising in Google’s rankings.

Of particular note, Blake has been certified as an SEO expert by NBS, CBS, ABC and FOX networks and has been in the SEO trenches for nearly a decade. His commitment to his clients is remarkable as his work on their websites takes place nearly around the clock. So what does it take to get on page one of a particular Google search? “People who say that SEO is a quick thing, simply isn’t telling the truth,” says Blake. “It takes time and especially if it’s done properly. If you try to force it and go too fast, you can send up red flags that wind up penalizing your website and once that happens, you’re looking at a bit of money to get that cleaned up.” In other words, beware of any company that “guarantees” to put you on the first page of Google in just a week or two for any given keywords.

It is most important for Blake to establish a good rapport and get to know a potential client, their goals and really get into the nuts and bolts of their website. “It is important that I understand their expectations and they know what they’re getting into,” explains Blake. “Some people ask about PPC campaigns and those are like the ‘quick drug-’the enemy. You do it one month and then you have to pay for it again the next month. Whereas with SEO, you build up and improve your website ranking over time and it builds month after month and the fee stays fairly consistent.” It is better to use PPC as a stepping stone and blend in that traffic with a well-run SEO campaign. As a website’s ranking increases, then decide what to do with those funds that you had allocated to your PPC campaign. It has been debated, with no clear cut winner, if a PPC campaign helps organic ranking. There is no doubt that traffic is a good thing as long as it is properly targeted and filtered specifically for your product or service.

Even those business owners who choose to do their own SEO, there is always more work to be done. “Those who do their own SEO-about 99 percent of the time, I still have to go in and clean it up,” Blake says. “It’s very hard to stay on top of the changes and rules with Google and it does change all the time! Even in the last six months, there have been major changes. We spend a substantial amount of money on education every year to stay on top of what is working and do all of our work ‘in-house’ and that work s completed by people that we have specifically trained for the tasks.”

When a potential client contacts Blake about SEO services, he invests many hours into that person’s website research before he is even hired to do a job. “When someone calls me, we have a conversation and I get their website address and then I’ll set up a meeting,” states Blake. Before that meeting takes place he goes in to review the analytics of a particular site, review what the current SEO looks like on the website and he even goes in to look at the competition’s website and their SEO to gauge how best to approach an effective method of ranking improvement. This custom approach insures that his client’s needs are met.Blake explains, “When you see an SEO agency offering a three tiered system, approach with a lot of skepticism and caution. Every business is different with specific needs and deserves a custom approach.

“When I meet with someone, I like to educate them about their website and what I’m doing so they can move forward and make a better decisions,” finishes Blake.“For me it’s about making a really good connection.”

To get started with improving your website’s visibility on the Internet highway, call Justin Blake at (602) 842.4804. For additional information about Rising Phoenix SEO, visit www.risingphoenixseo.com.