SouthWest Selfies Puts the Fun in Any Function

By Lynette Carrington

SouthWest Selfies Puts the Fun in Any Function

SouthWest Selfies Puts the Fun in Any Function, Corporate Event or Party

Ask anybody about the highlight of their latest party, corporate event or wedding and what do they do? They want to show you their photos! With SouthWest Selfies, they take all of the guess work out of having a successful event by providing a state of the art, open-air Selfie Station, you would have known it as a photobooth, that literally thinks outside the box and lets you have photos and share images right on site and elsewhere in the blink of an eye!

Owners of SouthWest Selfies, Karen Dougherty and Steve Seidenberg have created a company designed to get everyone together and engaged at any event. SouthWest Selfies is part of Desert Wind Global, LLC, Dougherty and Seidenberg’s company that they formed in conjunction with their professional life coaching business. When the opportunity arose for SouthWest Selfies, the duo gravitated towards the human element of the business and have embraced the unique and fun opportunities that the business provides to people at any event.

“Our business is two-fold:private events and corporate events. The private events are Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quincineras, Reunions, and that sort of thing,” explains Dougherty. “But, then we also have our corporate division, which is Marketing through Entertainment. Corporate events go hand-in-hand with our Selfie Station due to the capabilities and technology we have. Our corporate clients can entertain and data mine at the same time while offering guests the added bonus of a take-away photo. Our clients have used us for Conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows and Award Ceremonies.When photos are taken, the printed images can be branded to the company, event or sponsor. Templates, logos, images and important dates can all be added to photos, providing another unique way to remember a special event. “A client can even have a special promotional Facebook page,” Dougherty says. “Every photo can be automatically sent right to their page as they are taken.” Giveaways can also be done via a “golden ticket” which is randomly awarded to event attendees via notification on a guest’s photo.

Also, surveys can be issued, so that corporations and businesses can get valuable feedback and information about the event attendees and individual opinions, which in turn will assist those companies with event information and future marketing endeavors. “They don’t get their photo printed out until they answer the questions in the survey,” notes Seidenberg. “And then the client gets an excel spreadsheet with all the information,” adds Dougherty. Each attendee survey can be up to seven questions, allowing the venue, sponsor or host to gain valuable information.

Get Creative!

One of the more creative elements of SouthWest Selfies is to have a green screen as a photo backdrop. You could then be at the beach, in Paris or the fighting a bear in the wilds of Alaska. “It can be anything,” Seidenberg explains. “You could be on top of the Millennium Falcon!”

Props make photo taking even more fun! The SouthWest Selfies prop kit includes hats, goofy glasses, boas, tiaras and much more. Dougherty has even been known to make custom props that match specific events! Want to use a special filter? Southwest Selfies offers color, black and white, sepia cartoon, sketch, Warhol, night vision, thermography, pixel art, comic book, mosaic and cross process. You can enable or disable the filters that you like.

Instagram #Hashtag Printer

A brand new asset for events is the Instagram Hashtag Printer. (In addition to a step-and-repeat or green screen,) SouthWest Selfies hashtag printer allows guests even more exciting options for event photos. With more and more people using their mobile devices for photos at events and the constant use of hashtags, SouthWest Selfies can add the convenience of printing photos from an event that can also be shared and seen elsewhere. “Most millenials are throwing photos up to Instagram. They don’t go to Facebook first, they go to Instagram and most corporate events now feature a hashtag,”Dougherty explains. “This printer can be put at the event and as guests add photos on Instagram, they instantly appear on the printer display.” Guests can stop at the printer station, view all the hashtagged photos from the event, choose which images they like and print the photos immediately with the Hashtag Instagram Printer!

Further developing the printer’s immediacy, Seidenberg explains how to take it a step further by claiming a hashtag in advance of an event; an event such as a wedding. People who are unable to attend can still send in their well wishes via photos with the special hashtag. Or, the bride and groom-to-be can add to the photo collection by hashtagging photos at a bachelorette party, a shopping excursion or anything else that happens before the nuptials. Seidenberg says, “All those who aren’t able to make the event can take selfies – ‘Sorry, we can’t be there,’ and that photo will have their name on top. All of those who are journeying to the event, they can stop at the airport and say, ‘Hey, we’re at so-and-so airport, we’ll see you soon.’ When you get to the venue, it can all be printed out and these are high quality photos.”

Typically, a few weeks’ notice is requested to get an event on the calendar, but last minute parties and conferences can be arranged, too. A professional attendant will also be on hand to ensure that your guests have a memorable time and are able to get the shots they want.

To get started with a quote for your next corporate event, gala, conference, family party, birthday or anniversary, contact SouthWest Selfies at (602) 606-8846 or visit for additional information.