Successful Origination Team is Seeking Partner

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Successful Origination Team is Seeking Partner

Successful Origination Team is Seeking Partner

HDA Stillwater Insurance’s partner mortgage origination teams and mutual clients reap the benefits of the Loan Officer’s Consultative approach!

If you don’t have a homeowners insurance quotation accompanying each 1003, you may be missing your competitive edge. HDA Stillwater Insurance can offer the following:

  • Super Competitive Rates, Financial Stability, 50 States
  • 1 Hour Quote Turnaround with 1003 Requests
  • Online Customer/Agent Portal Available
  • 24 Hour Claims Reporting
  • 1 Hour Policy and Invoice Issuance
  • Homeowners – Landlords – Condo – Renters

Whether you are dealing with credit issues, a DTI ratio or simply want to internally offer a value added service, HDA Stillwater is happy to help!

The benefits of Stillwater Insurance Group are targeted towards specific professionals in the industry. Marketing Liaison for HDA Stillwater Haig Artan explains, “The most successful real estate professionals out there that are doing volume; not part-time moms selling one house a year, but the ones that have a team – they’ve got a mortgage team.” Loan teams love to work with Stillwater. “What they do – if it’s a loan agent that has two or three processors that work with them, they maybe process 10, 15 or 20 loan applications a week. Not all of them get approved, but what they do is confidentially send us Page 1 of the Form 1003 - the residential loan application; a quote is promptly returned.The quote goes in file for future reference. There is no sale - there is no nothing unless our service becomes necessary.”

For additional information or to receive a no-obligation, no-hassle online quote for homeowners insurance, click, or call (877) 931-3368.