SumoMaya – Be Prepared for the Greatest ‘Bottomless Brunch’

By Lynette Carrington

SumoMaya – Be Prepared for the Greatest ‘Bottomless Brunch’

SumoMaya – Be Prepared for the Greatest ‘Bottomless Brunch’, with or without Libations

It’s SumoMaya – that incredibly unique and beautiful spot in Scottsdale that epically combines Mexican and Asian culinary influences to give its guests unrivaled and delicious food choices. So, of course a Bottomless Brunch already has tongues wagging.

As the resident foodie of, I was invited to try the new Bottomless Brunch. My first suggestion to any future guest at Bottomless Brunch is to bring a big appetite and expect to be impressed with a unique menu. The open concept kitchen also lets you appreciate the staff and the attention to detail that goes into meal preparation at SumoMaya.

First Round

General Manager at SumoMaya, Jason Pohlman thoroughly explained how a Bottomless Brunch works and we were grateful for the insight. Round 1 consists of family style noshes that will be refilled to your heart’s content. Dishes include a basket of sweet, locally made Mexican breads, tres leches oatmeal brulee with diced bananas, walnuts and cinnamon sugar, a cold black bean hummus with roasted garlic, chimichurri and cilantro served with plantain chips and toast wedges, fresh fruit with yogurt and granola, and a delicious smoked salmon lox with toast wedges. Our favorite of all these small plates was the oatmeal. The bruleed bananas atop the earthy oatmeal is made even more intriguing with the inclusion of walnuts lightly dusted in togarashi spice, a Japanese chili pepper. Wow, sweet, savory, spicy… It was just fantastic!

Second Round

The second round was just as wonderful as the first. Again, these small plates are “bottomless,” so partake as you would like! Dishes include huevos revueltos al albanil – scrambled eggs with Serrano, tomato, onion and cilantro, and bread migas and chorizo – scrambled eggs, Mexican chorizo, toasted bread crumbs and aji paca aioli. There is also a duo of guacamoles – one with tender rib-eye and another with pomegranate, served with tostadas, and then a trio of freshly made sushi rolls. Each dish was fresh and showcased a unique blend of flavors. Out of all of these, we particularly liked the rib-eye guacamole on the crunchy tostadas. What a fun item to have for brunch!

On the Side

Are you full yet? You probably will be… But keep going, because it just keeps getting better. The “bottomless” side dishes include wok-fried breakfast potatoes, chorizo potato hash, Chinese sausage fried rice with pineapple and black beans with crema and cilantro. Each dish was flavorful, fresh and served to us with a smile.

The Main Event

In addition to the “bottomless” first round, second round and side dishes, each guest gets to choose a main plate. I chose the Cuban breakfast sandwich with ham, pork carnitas, eggs, pickles and mustard aioli served with string potatoes. My guest chose the Wagyu steak and egg. Creatively enough, the poached egg was served in a crispy wonton “bowl” with a tasty coconut miso sauce. I don’t know how Executive Chef Roberto Madrid creates such unique and flavorful combinations, but each dish is creative, beautiful and engages your taste buds.

Some of the other main event entrees include sweet potato waffle, avocado frittata, pork “Al Pastor” pad thai, kimchee and egg fried rice, coconut pancakes and a tenderloin Benedict.

The Final Knock-Out

There was Round 1, Round 2, On the Side and The Main Event. The final knock-out are the desserts and whatever you do, be sure to save room for this gloriousness. Family style desserts include bunuelos – cinnamon crisps with sweetened condensed

milk and dulce de leche and the liquid cheesecake brulee with marinated berries. The liquid cheesecake brulee was our absolute favorite dish of the morning. Akin to a cheesecake “pudding,” the fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries mixed with the cheesecake made for the perfect ending to a perfect meal. Now, if I could just get SumoMaya to deliver that liquid cheesecake brulee to my house, that is the only thing that might make it even better!

About SumoMaya Brunch

For $39 per person, guests are treated to an ongoing feast of the finest food and beverage choices that diners have come to crave at SumoMaya. “Bottomless” cocktails include bloody marys, margaritas or mimosas. If not partaking in cocktails, brunch is only $29 per person. Gluten free and vegetarian selections are readily available, too. Just ask!

Brunch is offered Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., ensuring both early birds and late risers can take advantage of their right to brunch. SumoMaya is located at 6560 N. Scottsdale Rd. For more information or to make a reservation, call 480-397-9520 or visit