Terri Edwards of Pluma Designs Wins over Clients with Style and Industry Expertise

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Terri Edwards of Pluma Designs Wins over Clients with Style and Industry Expertise

By Lynette Carrington

Master stylist Terri Edwards is establishing her business in Scottsdale through the heat of the summer and the constant flow of clients entering Pluma Designs. In growing her clientele base, she relies heavily on positive word‐of‐mouth and her referral program from her satisfied clients. The referral program is based on social interaction and satisfaction. A client is given three business cards and when a new customer comes in and shares the common client, Terri is giving a free haircut for every three new customers a client refers. "It's a great deal for our loyal clients," says Terri, "As we are building a relationship, I am getting to know my clients and now their friends and family. I like creating an atmosphere of closeness, because at Pluma we cherish our customers, and hope they are taking care of themselves from head to toe. "

It is Terri's mission that every one of her clients be elated with the service they receive from her and that they leave the salon with a smile and new spring in their step. She is also excited to be at the cutting edge of the hair styling curve and that helps extend the possibilities of cuts from the young to those more seasoned.

"I recently did an advanced haircutting class at the Eufora headquarters that brings together the west coasts top stylists and encompasses the fashionable trends," says Terri explains. "They taught us different techniques to achieve some of the latest hairstyles that you see in today's magazines. These are styles that we see on celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams and Victoria Beckham."

Among some of the interesting things she learned were techniques to get the perfect "stacked bob." Eufora is the distinguished hair care product line carried at Pluma Designs.

"Within in a week of returning to the valley I have already used the techniques and have cut the best stacked bobs of my career, " Terri finishes. "The client pointed to the magazine she carried in and said that she could be the next model."

To make an appointment to experience the warmth, wit and wisdom of master stylist Terri Edwards call 480‐492‐6494 or visit www.terriatpluma.com for additional information. Pluma Designs is located at 7000 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 1607, Scottsdale.

Pluma's Outstanding Do's and Don'ts for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

• Don't purchase inexpensive hair products containing high levels of alcohol, wax and fillers that will ultimately dry out your hair.

• Do invest in and consider the health of your body and hair by purchasing high quality hair care products that are formulated with natural, botanical and organic-¬based ingredients.

• Don't go to bed with the days hair products and environmental pollutants in your hair.

• Do brush your hair thoroughly with a vent brush to stimulate healthy hair growth and to remove any lingering oils and environmental pollutants.

• Don't apply conditioner to excessively wet hair. It will weaken and dilute the conditioning effect.

• Do towel dry your hair after shampooing and before apply your conditioner for superior results.

• Don't allow your hair to become dry, fragile and dehydrated.

• Do use an intense moisturizing and strengthening treatment on a regular monthly basis to re¬deposit the hydration and protein strength necessary for healthy hair.