The Crypt Haunted Attractions Scare up Halloween Thrills and Chills at Fiesta Mall

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The Crypt Haunted Attractions Scare up Halloween Thrills and Chills at Fiesta Mall

By Lynette Carrington

Arizona natives and co-owners of The Crypt, Keith Rich and Mark Anderson are the masters of Halloween. Expertly combining scary creatures (dead, undead and questionable), insane patients, zombies, classic Halloween characters and unexpected surprises, the duo has orchestrated the ultimate Halloween haunted house attractions. The Crypt Haunted Attractions includes three distinct ways to get your scare on at The Asylum, Chaos and The Crypt, all conveniently located in the same scary space in the Fiesta Mall parking lot. No matter your Halloween style, be prepared to be scared! Now in its 16th year, The Crypt runs through Halloween night.

“We started in 1999,” says Keith Rich. “I think for both of us, it’s just been our love of Halloween that we do this. Back when we first started, we went to a couple of haunted houses at the time and we had the idea we could do it better and scarier. It’s grown into a full-time business.”

This is not your mummy and dead-y’s haunted house-this is much darker and scarier! “Our main attraction is The Crypt,” says Rich. “That’s more of a traditional haunt. It’s about going through the dark underbelly of the world of the undead. Compared to the other two, it’s a lot darker. The Asylum is all about the patients and the doctors that overran that place. You go through The Asylum and the patients want out, but to do that, they have to keep you in. We also advise that if a ‘patient’ asks you to put on a straight jacket, just keep running! Chaos is more of a self-guided maze. It’s a curtain maze and you wander in and have to figure your own way out. Some people get out quickly and some people have to call for help.” The creatures in the maze may be there to point you in the wrong direction, but don’t worry, there are actors in Chaos who will assist maze guests who truly get lost. There is plenty of security in and around the haunted attractions to ensure everyone’s safety.

“We have a whole team of people who work on this where it comes to set design, costumes and make-up,” Rich explains. “The great thing is that a lot of them have been with us for many years. It makes it very nice because then we don’t have to train new people.”

When guests first walk in to the haunted attractions area, there is a vendor aisle that has a variety of Halloween-themed food and drinks available for purchase. There will also be food trucks on site.

“We will keep doing this. As long as we still have fans out there that want to see the show that we put on, we’ll keep doing it for them,” finishes Rich.

Cost of Admission:

  • $ 5 for the Chaos maze
  • $15 for a single haunted house
  • $23 for all 3 attractions (The Crypt, The Asylum, Chaos)
  • $33 for all 3 attractions with a Fast Pass, which will put you right at the front of the line
  • Attractions are designed for those ages 12 and older. If kids are under the age of 12, they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Fridays and Saturdays and in the immediate days leading up to Halloween, there can often be nearly a two hour wait. Rich suggests getting the $33 Fast Pass to get you into the attractions much more quickly, or come right at 7 p.m. when the hauntings first open.

The Crypt, The Asylum and Chaos are all located in the parking lot at Fiesta Mall located in Mesa at 1600 S. Alma School Rd. Hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday and starting the week of October 5, the attractions are open Wednesday through Sunday and daily the entire week of Halloween. Hours are weekdays 7-10 p.m. and weekends 7 p.m. until midnight. Visit for additional information or to purchase tickets in advance.