Verve Surgical Institute Opens in Mesa

By Lynette Carrington

Verve Surgical Institute Opens in Mesa

Verve Wellness Center has been a well-respected destination in the East Valley for patients to be seen for internal medicine, general dental, cosmetic dental, oral surgery, endodontics and prosthodontics and now, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Verve has also grown to include a state-of-art surgical institute located near Banner Baywood Hospital in Mesa.

Verve Wellness is the brain child of Dr. David Warkentin, whose vision was to create a comprehensive medical practice where his patients could be seen for just about anything. The practice was founded in 2001 in Mesa and has includes a full roster of doctors and helpful and friendly support staff. In establishing the Verve Surgical Institute, patients will now receive the highest level of medical care and attention in a brand new surgical facility.

Dr. Warkentin says, “There are multiple doctors that have privileges there and it is a Class C surgical center. Right now, we’re focusing on pain management and we’ll be expanding further into surgery as well.” Unlike many surgical facilities that have been retrofitted to serve patients, Verve Surgical Institute was built from the ground up, with every inch of the building designed to best serve patients in a forward-thinking, state-of-the-art medical facility.

Verve Surgical Institute is currently seeing patients that are experience pain from bulging discs and other disc injuries, arthritic pain and other reticular pain. “A patient can ask their doctor about coming to Verve Surgical Institute or they can ask us, especially if they are already a patient here at Verve Wellness,” states Dr. Warkentin.

Dr. Nikesh Seth, M.D. is the managing medical director of Verve Surgical Institute, part owner and one of the physicians practicing at the new location. “At the center our goal is to take care of patients with acute and chronic pain,” explains Dr. Seth. “We get patients who have various types of pain and come from referral sources such as primary care doctors, chiropractors and surgeons.”

Dr. Seth continues, “We evaluate the patient and then come up with a treatment plan in order to get them better and help them regain their full functionality. I use a wide range of minimally invasive techniques to treat the root cause of a patient’s pain and to help them regain their quality of life. I believe in utilizing a comprehensive approach to managing their pain.”

There are many things that Dr. Seth loves about the new Verve Surgical Institute. “One thing that I love is the professionalism,” says Dr. Seth. “Patients like coming here because it’s a good experience. They get VIP treatment from the entrance all the way through recovery. It’s a clean, new center with the most advanced equipment, as opposed to something that was old and remodeled. It’s a concierge practice without being a concierge practice. Patients come first and that’s what I love."

Verve Surgical Institute is located 6424 E. Broadway Rd. #102, Mesa. For additional information, call 480-834-3084 or get continuous updates at