Verve Wellness Center Welcomes Dr. Erin Hill

By Lynette Carrington

Verve Wellness Center Welcomes Dr. Erin Hill

Verve Wellness Center has been an East Valley destination for those seeking expert and personalized medical care in a beautiful and upscale environment. In addition to chiropractic and massage treatments, patients will find doctors in family practice, internal medicine, general dental, cosmetic dental, oral surgery and endodontics and prosthodontics. Rounding out the Verve Wellness Center of services is a Class C surgical and pain center located on Broadway and Power in Mesa. Most recently Verve Wellness added Dr. Erin Hill to its roster. Dr. Hill practices Chinese Medicine and acupuncture and rounds out the versatile practice’s offerings in a comprehensive way.

Dr. Hill recently joined Verve Wellness Center after moving from California. “I’m new to Arizona and when I moved here in the summer of 2015 I went right to work for a chiropractic clinic that had a medical department as well,” states Dr. Hill. “It was great, but once I realized what I wanted out of a clinic, as far as the rooms and the level of quiet for my patients who are lying on the table with pins, I started looking around.” She was soon on the hunt for the perfect place for her practice to call home. She continues, “I was definitely very particular with the place I chose and it was a perfect fit here at Verve. I absolutely love the cleanliness of Verve and the professionalism of everybody here. Every time I came in during interviews, everybody was very kind and professional. I thought, ‘If I can enhance my patients’ experience, this would be the perfect place to do that.’”

In practicing traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Hill’s practice encompasses multiple modalities including acupuncture. “That’s the big one that everybody knows,” she explains. “It originated in Chinese medicine over 4,000 years ago. One of other areas is herbal medicine. It is very powerful - prescription-grade formulas, not supplements. They’re just taken for a short time until we see that desired effect. Other modalities include other physical treatments we do like cupping, Gua sha, and Tui Na, which is Chinese massage used briefly before acupuncture just to get the muscles loose and get circulation going.” Some topical liniments and oils are often used in conjunction with some of Dr. Hill’s treatments, along with nutrition and food therapy.

“I am always big on education,” states Dr. Hill. “If someone has had an experience with acupuncture and didn’t really get that thorough, detailed information about it, I will always explain it.” There are three main ways acupuncture works: relieves pain, reduces inflammation anywhere in the body, and it stimulates the body’s ability to listen to and take care of itself. “You have everything inside of you already,” Dr. Hill says. “You have natural pain killers, anti-inflammatory mediators and all sorts of other chemicals and hormones. Basically, if you cut yourself, you heal and you don’t feel it or see it, it just heals. Acupuncture has a really profound effect of increasing and accelerating your body's innate ability to heal itself.” Acupuncture can address something like back pain, but will also wind up having a positive effect on sleeping, digestion, stress levels and more.

“We really try to treat the patient’s root cause and treat the patient holistically, whole body, instead of chasing symptoms” she says. Acupuncture does not hurt and you don’t have to “believe” in it. Rather, it is an ancient form of medicine that works in connection with one’s own body at the biological level.

Each new patient that visits Dr. Hill at Verve Wellness Center will get a thorough assessment and have time to ask questions. She explains, “The new patient exam is long. I go over all the symptoms that the patient has and their previous health history. Part of my physical examination is looking at their tongue and checking their pulses and that sort of tells us what’s going on inside.” The patient’s diet and lifestyle is also examined closely.

“I am trained in primary care and internal medicine, but my specialty is in fertility and pregnancy-related conditions, as well as routine pre-labor treatments,” says Dr. Hill. “It has been a big problem in our society – both getting pregnant and staying pregnant.” She counts this particular facet of her practice as her favorite. To book an appointment with Dr. Erin Hill, contact Verve Wellness Center and be introduced to what Chinese Medicine can do for you. Banner insurance is accepted as are some other plans. Check with Verve Wellness Center to see if your medical insurance is accepted.

Verve Wellness Center is located at 4824 E. Baseline Rd., #140, just west of Higley Road in Mesa. Visit or call (480) 969-4040 for additional information or to schedule an appointment.