Actor Anthony Ingruber Lands Enviable Role in \"The Age of Adaline\"

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Actor Anthony Ingruber Lands Enviable Role in \"The Age of Adaline\"

By Lynette Carrington

Anthony Ingruber is no stranger to Hollywood and big budget productions. But perhaps his most enviable role is upon him right now in the film "The Age of Adaline" which will be released nationwide by Lionsgate on April 24, 2015 and stars Blake Lively and Harrison Ford.

In "The Age of Adaline," Ingruber was cast as Young William Jones and, of note, the role of an older William Jones is portrayed by Hollywood heavyweight Harrison Ford. What is most remarkable is how this role came to the young actor, who in fact, bears an uncanny resemblance to Ford.

"I received an email from my agent about a self tape audition portraying the younger version of Harrison Ford's character in his new film," Ingruber explains to "I sent the tape off thinking, ‘Well ok you're one of probably a thousand people auditioning for this part...don't get your hopes up, but at least somebody noticed you.' I later was contacted by the director himself, Lee Toland Krieger, telling me the part was mine. Aside from the initial shock and surprise, I found out that he had personally happened upon my videos on YouTube after doing a Google search looking for photos of a young Harrison Ford- I believe it was his recommendation that also helped get me the role.

Ingruber flew from his home in The Netherlands to Canada in early 2014 to shoot his scenes for "The Age of Adaline." "Filming took place in and around Vancouver and I stayed there for about three weeks," notes Ingruber. "I was lucky enough to catch up with a few old high school friends of mine from New Zealand who also happened to be living there."

His time on set was filled with many memorable moments. "The entire experience was a very educational one and I was very fortunate, not only in getting this role, but also working with such talented and friendly cast and crew members," Ingrubers says. "The crew actually organized for me to meet Harrison Ford before he wrapped which was a very special and emotional experience and something I will always treasure."

So how did Ingruber channel Harrison Ford's character of William Jones in the film yet still give it his own twist?

"This was something I discussed early on with Lee," Ingruber states. "I was portraying an original character that happened to also be played by Harrison Ford-not Indiana Jones or Han Solo, for example. However, as the character of William Jones did eventually grow up as portrayed by Harrison, an actor who is such a recognizable worldwide icon, it did require a certain understanding and portrayal of unique mannerisms and vocals to establish this."

Ingruber is excited to meet back up with the people that he worked with on set. He said, "‘The Age of Adaline' will be my first red carpet event so I really don't know what to expect however I'm really looking forward to attending the premier and meeting up with everyone again as well as finally getting to see the film!"

The intriguing "The Age of Adaline" premise is explained by Ingruber like this, "The film follows Adaline's strange immortality and the difficulties that this supposed power can bring-outgrowing loved ones and constantly changing identities. Along the way she meets William, a medical student who falls madly in love with her before she again vanishes...I hate to spoil the movie so I won't reveal more than that!" Learn more about Anthony at .

The actor continues to be in high demand for his expert voiceover work and is looking forward to some upcoming film projects. "The Age of Adaline" opens up in nationwide release on Friday, April 24. For additional information on the film, visit .