CCTV - Closed Circuit Television Is a Critical Component of Business and Home Security Systems

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CCTV - Closed Circuit Television Is a Critical Component of Business and Home Security Systems

By Lynette Carrington

Home security systems offer extra peace of mind, but what can they provide for a business? A security system offers many different options to monitor and review what goes in various areas of a business to give manager, security officers and decision makers the unbiased information they need. CallTeks Security knows that one huge benefit of business security systems are CCTV Systems, or closed circuit television (also known as camera systems.)

CCTV is simply the best way to record and retain court permissible evidence when incidents of crime such as burglary, intrusion, and property damage occur. This type of visual information is the leading form of evidence used to prosecute criminals. CCTV helps to keep people honest and serve as a deterrent for unacceptable behavior and crime. Recent independent studies show as much as a 70 percent decrease in small business shoplifting from both employees and customers when there is a visible camera presence coupled with and signage. When a recording is needed after an incident, all CallTeks systems feature secure time and date stamps. CallTeks Security partner DJ Swartwout says, "Businesses or residences of any size can benefit from a CCTV system. According to the most recent U.S. Census Beau reports, the top eight places for robberies are on streets, commercial building properties , in convenience stores, retail stores, banks, gas stations, parking garages/lots and residences.

Unlike basic security companies, CallTeks Security specializes in CCTV systems. The company has installed customized solutions in a wide variety of properties, including homes, apartment complexes, government warehouses and school campuses. Each solution has a specific functionality. Swartwout says, "CCTV is so much more than just recording video events, now it is about the analytics. Some of the lines we carry are integrated with extremely advanced and intuitive software that can run facial recognition, define entry and exit timelines, capture information like height and hair color, thermal imaging, and of course data recording like license plates. It can also do easy things like send ‘snap shots' to a phone via a push notification based off of an image sensor. Lastly, most of our cameras and other CCTV components have a tamper trigger that send push notifications automatically plus other data in the event of vandalism."

"Some customers are happy with only a few days' worth of retention and then the system re‐records. Others like ‘wamma jamma' NVR systems (network video recorders... like a DVR but for high resolution multiple camera recordings) Our NVR systems can be expanded to whatever storage time needed. Files can also be saved and sent via email, saved on a DVD or thumb drive," Swartwout explains.

Different customers have different security needs. Some commercial customers like local storage on a private network, usually based in a secure IT room with months of retention (recorded storage). Others, like homeowners and small business owners, do not have the capabilities of securing an NVR or DVR for recording purposes, so they prefer cloud based storage options. "We even have cameras with build in storage on SD cards that communicate via Wi‐Fi to an application. We can have both local and cloud storage back up on most systems," adds Swartwout.

He continues, "With our custom CCTV solutions, CallTeks puts user access in the owner's hands. We can lock it down to one user, or have multiple users with different levels of privileges‐it's completely customizable. If commercial clients are looking for added security and protection, our commercial division can custom design networking, IT, and even voice and data solutions... all under one roof! "

The beauty of CallTeks is that it offers local certified low voltage installers, meaning it one company that can integrate access control, CCTV camera systems, security, networking, phones, and intercoms all together in one cohesive system.

Recently CallTeks Security installed a CCTV camera system for an apartment complex in Phoenix. Initially, the goal was to have a visual presence to reduce copper theft and hopefully record some permissible images to prosecute the criminals. Swartwout says, "One week after installation we got a call from the property manager asking to double cameras around the property. Not only did the copper theft stop, they got an image of a car break‐in and were able to identify the person to police. The complex was able to identify a "drug drop" that was reported to police and identified some unruly residents fornicating in common areas after hours. So you could say our systems really capture "everything." The property has since become a safer place for all residents.

"Here at CallTeks we value the importance of training our customers. For commercial projects we make sure to allot training time in all our project proposals. Not only is this time for property managers, but the IT directors, building engineers, and often security guards who are a part of the collective property team. Plus, we have a 24/7 available support line directly to our local experts," Swartwout finishes.

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