Cosanti Originals Features World Famous Windbells by Paolo Soleri

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Cosanti Originals Features World Famous Windbells by Paolo Soleri

Celebrated and world-renowned artist, architect, builder and writer Paolo Soleri may have passed away in 2013, but his legacy lives on his artistic vision and through the stylish windbells he designed during his life. Through his work as an architect, urban designer, artist, craftsman, and philosopher, Paolo Soleri explored the countless possibilities of human aspiration.

The word "Cosanti" comes from two Italian terms: "Cosa" and "Anti," which together mean, literally, "Before (or Against) Things." At the residence and sculpture studios of Paolo Soleri and his staff, architecture comes before everything else. Choosing the idea that Cosanti means "Against Things" leads to an understanding of what was Soleri's anti-materialist stance-the ideas generated here have helped to develop a lean and frugal methodology for approaching life on earth and the designs of cities that would support that attitude and that life.

Soleri, (later joined by his students) began work on the experimental buildings of Cosanti in the mid 1950's. Designated as an Arizona Historic Site, Cosanti presents a unique bio-climatic architectural environment. Its structures feature many imaginative design elements, reflecting Soleri's innovative construction techniques.

The beautiful windbells available at Cosanti are produced at the Cosanti and Arcosanti bronze foundries and ceramic studios. Each year 50,000 of the celebrated bells are made.

Gifts available at the gift gallery include Soleri bronze bells, sculpture and special assemblies, Soleri ceramic bells, planters and ceramic tiles, bronze tiles and electrical outlet plates, various publications and Soleri's original drawings and limited edition prints.

Cosanti Originals is located at 6433 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd., Paradise Valley. Call 1-800-752-3187 or visit to order or for additional information.